I Need to Rent Clothes Racks for Clothing for a Yard Sale Do You Know Where I Ca

Updated on January 28, 2018
T.A. asks from Chandler, AZ
8 answers

Rent clothing racks or purchase them for low cost.

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answers from San Antonio on

Worst Case Scenario - if you have ladders and brooms, you can create a clothes rack using them. Or clothesline from a tree. You may be able to hang clothes from your garage door if you have one.

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answers from Boston on

Do you have a rental place like Taylor Rental? Lots of people rent coat racks for weddings or big parties. You could also try googling used office and retail furniture places in your area. If a retail clothing store closed, they might have things for cheap prices - but you'd still probably pay more than you'd make in sales.

Most people in our area just tie ropes between trees or between step ladders. Tie knots or loops every few inches so the hangers don't slide toward the center. Put the ropes up high enough that the clothing doesn't droop to the ground once there is a lot of weight on the rope. Or, hang shorter things like tee shirts in the middle and longer items on both ends near the tree it's anchored from.

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answers from Washington DC on

Target or Amazon has plenty of choices that are affordable

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answers from San Francisco on

Are you on Nextdoor.com? I would ask there. I see neighbors borrowing stuff from each other there all the time. Try your Facebook friends too. And email any other groups you're a part of, mom's group, book club, etc.

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answers from New York on

we have 2 places that rent just about anything you can think of. from tables and chairs to canoes and back hoes... so if i needed clothing racks to rent i would check there. if they didn't have any for when i needed them i would do the ropes in the trees, use 2x4's to create an A frame stand (like the old school metal swing sets) or borrow ladders to create a hanging rack

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answers from Atlanta on

I have used ladders and poles to hang stuff off of

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Most clothing racks you buy come in boxes and when you put them together you find they're quite flimsy.

Why not call a few clothing stores around and find out if they have the ability to rent one? There might even be someone in your area that has some they've bought when a clothing store was going out of business.

We've never used one during a garage sale. We've hung rope between two posts and put the clothing on there. We've put folding tables and put the clothes on them. They won't stay folded but you can try to at least keep them tidy, not continuously refolding them, just stack them up a little.

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