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When Should We Start Training Our 18 Month Old Son?

K.J. asks from Chicago

My son is 18 months and takes great pride in peeing and pooping, happily declaring when he has accomplished both (although he does not always inform us). When should...


17 Month Old Not Walking by Himself

C.V. asks from Casper

I am maybe just looking for a little reassurance. My son will be 17 months old in two days and is still not walking independently. He walks with walking toys, he wa...


Traveling with 22 Month Old Son

S.M. asks from Cincinnati

My husband and I are goingt o Florida in July, and we are taking our 22 month old son with us. I was thinking of taking a babysitter with us, his regular sitter can c...


My 19 Month Daughter Is Out of Control.

E.B. asks from Sarasota

Hi there mommy's.. I'm having a problem with my 19 month old daughter. She's been hitting, boring, scratching, kicking only me, I'm with her 24 hours a day and he fat...


22 Month Old Not Really Trying to Say Any Words....

S.D. asks from Detroit

I have a 22 month old boy who is very smart, but refuses to try and say any words. He speaks in his own babble language and although he understands everything I say ...


The Development of My 15 Month Old Daughter..

K.P. asks from Chicago

This may be quit long and I'm sorry, but it takes a lot of explaining. I am curious about my daughters mental and speech development. Around 12 mos., she mimicked me ...


What to Do with 21 Month Old?

L.E. asks from Los Angeles

Hello all mommies out there! Any suggestions or advice for what to do with my 21 month old son who gets out of his crib at will. His crib was the only safe place wh...


20 Month Old Won't Speak

K.W. asks from Minneapolis

I have a beautiful, otherwise healthy 20 month old son who will not speak. He has said a few words (mama, dada, shoes, even banana once) in the past and still will s...


Is Great America Appropriate for My 19 Month Old Daughter

L.L. asks from San Francisco

My ex is planning on taking my 19 month old daughter to Great America. I do not believe it is age appropriate. He always thinks of himself not her. Am I crazy??????


Time Out for 16 Month Old

J.J. asks from San Francisco

Is "time out" not appropriate for a 16 month old with tantrums? Is he too young? I have read others that say putting a child in their crib for "time out" isn't good...