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Seeking Advice on Helping a 2 Year Old Give up the Pacifier

L.M. asks from Jacksonville

My son turned two in June and we decided two weeks ago to take away the pacifier. He initially had little to no problem with it. He asked for it a couple of times but...


2 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

J.W. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms! I need your help. My daughter will be 2 years old in June. My husband just moved his buisness home and I am reluctant to have her party at the house. Any...


How Would You like to Spend the Day with Your 3-Yr Old Daughter?

S.G. asks from Norfolk

I am getting a rare treat this Friday night/Saturday (all day)--I get to spend solo time with my 3 year old daughter! My husband and son are going out of town for a ...


What to Do When It Gets to Hot Outside to Play?

S.R. asks from Los Angeles

I just moved inland and it has been over 100 lately. What can you do with your kids to keep them having fun? I take him outside after 2:00 p.m. .But until then were b...


1 Year Old Party - Other Kids' Activities

K.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hi everyone! My son's first birthday is next weekend, and there are going to be about 8 other kids there, ranging in age from 6 months to 4 years. I'd like to have ...


Toddler's 2Nd Birthday Party

C.H. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Everyone, I need some tips on some activities/games for my daughter's upcoming birthday party. She will be turning 2. My dilemma is that I have a huge age range f...


My Son Does Not like Water

K.W. asks from Portland

My 15 month old son does not like water. and I mean getting in any water baby pool lake heated pool or even the bath what do I do?


Potty Training My Son

J.B. asks from Philadelphia

I would like to start potty training my son. Im not sure if its to early to start but He tells me when he poops in his diaper. Right now he is 21 months old. He knows...


Son's 8Th Birthday Celebration

A.D. asks from Portland

Hello Ladies, Our son is turning 8 at the end of August. Money is not an issue, I just want to do something different. We have done Chuck E. Cheese's (way too many t...


Turner falls/Arbuckle Vacation

R.K. asks from Dallas

We're doing our vacation in nearby Turner Falls/Arbuckle area this year - I've been there, but its been several years, and my 4 year old has never been. What should ...