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Party Favor, Party Bag Idea's for "COOL" 10 Year Old Boys...

K.P. asks from Dallas

Hello Mom's...My son is turning 10 years old next month. We are having him a skating party at a nice skating rink. They have a DJ, Fog machines, disco balls and ligh...


Cruise Advice Needed

R.T. asks from Orlando

We're going on a cruise for spring break--yay!!!! Do you think we should invest in a good walkie-talkie set? I read someone's advice that they used a set because it'...


Suggestions for Celebrating and Gift Ideas for 5Th Grade Graduation

C.M. asks from Austin

My 11 year old son is graduating from the 5th grade next week (going into middle school next year). I would like to celebrate by doing someting special for him. Sugge...


My Kids Hate Going Outside During the Summer

M.E. asks from Tampa

We live in Florida and don't have a pool. I have the same problem every summer, my kids don't want to go outside. They complain that they are bored and no kids are ou...


Goody Bag Ideas for Boys

M.C. asks from Detroit

Do any of you have any suggestions of what to put goody bags for 10 year old boys? My son is having a birthday party and he wants to put something diffent into his ...


Bad Aunt Guilt and Older Kids Easter Baskets

L.M. asks from Cleveland

ok, my kidsa re 10 and 8, dd just got a huge thing of sidewalk chalk in january, both kids have book fairs coming up and will be gettign new books, DH jumped the gun...


What to Do with My Twin 12 Yr. Old Boys All Summer?

K.O. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms, Do you have any suggestions on how to keep busy with my tweens this summer? Camps are generally too expensive or too young. I certainly don't want them ...


17 Month Old Will NOT Leave Bathtub!

K.S. asks from Cincinnati

Ok, so My son (17 months old) will not leave the bathtub. He loves his bath from the moment he gets in. He makes the usual "shocked" face when I pour water over his h...


Goody Bags

S.S. asks from Chicago

When do you stop with the goody bags after a birthday party?? My daughter is having her 10th birthday party at a pizza place and is inviting 12 girls (yikes!) and I ...


How to Cope with "Everybody Else Gets" When It's TRUE!

L.C. asks from New York

My 10- and 13-year-old children attend a small parochial school and most of the families there are pretty much middle-class. Both complain that everyone else in thei...