Swaddling 3 1/2 Month Old

Updated on April 17, 2012
M.E. asks from Birmingham, AL
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I've been swaddling my 3 1/2 month old in SwaddleMe blankets for naps and bedtime, and she's recently started breaking out of the swaddle at night, waking around 1 and 5 for night feedings. So, should I stop swaddling or move to a "heavy duty" swaddle blanket, like the Miracle Blanket, that she cannot break out of during the night? I would like to transition out of the swaddle soon, but I am afraid that she won't be able to fall asleep if I don't swaddle her at all. It really seems to calm her down. I'm not sure she would be able to fall asleep for naps without being swaddled either. Any suggestions?

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answers from Cincinnati on

you can still swaddle her, just don't keep her in the blanket she is breaking out of. How do you swaddle her? Are her arms free? Maybe she wouldn't break out if her arms were free (plus she is around the age were you shouldn't be swaddling her arms anyway, because if she rolls over she might not be able to roll herself back if she needs to.) what about a sleep sack with wings like the Halo sleep sak.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I swaddled until about 6 months.

You can try sewing 4 square receiving blankets together to create one large square blanket - it's perfect for swaddling a bigger baby. I used the technique shown in "Happiest Baby on the block" - I'm sure you could find it on you-tube. :)

She might be waking more often because she's going to be going through a growth spurt and needs more food...it might not have anything to do with the swaddle.

good luck!!



answers from Texarkana on

Hi M. I have a 12wk old son and use the swaddleme blankets on him everynight. He recently started breaking outta them too so i took a burp cloth the long ones and tucked it around his arms and belly and then did the swaddle that way there is one more layer and he hasnt gotten outta of it yet but honestly i have only started doing it for about 3 nights. May wanna try it.... Those lil arms wake him up everytime when he gets outta it. lol



answers from Seattle on

I'd say keep swaddling her. Just b/c she breaks out, doesn't mean that she doesn't need it to comfort and calm her down. The swaddle me's are great. But we used a regular baby blanket that was sorta waffle-weave fabric? It has stretch and is larger than a regular cotton receiving blanket. Anyway, they work AWESOME because you can pull the fabric all the way around them to get them pretty tight. (keep in mind the fabric has stretch) When our son kept breaking out we also had good luck focusing the swaddle only on his arms and allowing his legs out. For him the swaddle was all about his arms and his legs could still be free and he was happy. That's why the blanket was better than the swaddle me at that point because it wasn't a bag, just a blanket. That also helped him stay swaddled cause he couldn't use his legs as leverage. :)



answers from Los Angeles on

I would swaddle a bit longer & use a bigger, stretchy blanket.

I used some diff blanket that had velcro (if I remember correctly) that I got from Babies R Us.

Still young & it feels comforting to them as in the womb.



answers from Columbia on

no rush - sleeping without swaddling isn't a "milestone" in development.

We swaddled up until 9 mos. Coincidentally, that is the largest size of any name brand that we could find.

Not coincidentally, it is about the same time our son became houdini. I'm not talking about the 3-4 month "look at me, I partially freed one/two arms". Full on, go to the crib in the morning and son is practicing using swaddle on stuffed bunny.

Keep in mind, your daughter WANTS a closer feel. For 9 of 12 months since conception - she has been ***in a womb***.

That is also the reason for having noise going on while napping - she could hear it all in the womb when she napped too. Switching to zero noise can be unsettling - kinda like switching to total freedom before they can control their own arms and hands.

Good luck! :)



answers from Cleveland on

Wow, I didn't know they would stay swaddled till 3 months. My kids only lasted swaddled for about a month, then would kick their way out so we stopped and just covered them with a thin blanket if it was chilly out. But honestly, their is not real wrong way to do it... follow your heart & what is best for you child.



answers from San Francisco on

I regret stopping swaddling my baby around 3-4 month. I would keep her swaddled, even if she breaks out of it during sleep.

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