4 Month Old Will Only Sleep in Swing

Updated on January 09, 2008
J.P. asks from Newark, TX
7 answers

For the last month, my 4 month old only wants to sleep in her swing. I am trying to get her into her crib. Do you have any suggestions?

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answers from Dallas on

When a baby sleeps in a swing, it is because the motion is similar to the womb. It is comfort... Do you swaddle your baby? I would purchase a SwaddleMe blanket from Babies R Us. They make them in 3 different sizes so they should fit your baby if she is of normal size. If she hates a swaddle, they make blankets that allow her arms to move also that my daughter loves at 6.5 months. The other thing is that your baby likes to sway to get to sleep and probably white noise. We also used a teddy that played womb sounds at that age.

I will say that there is no magic to getting a baby to sleep. Each one has their own needs, you just have to figure out the right combination and stick with it. Make sure you have a routine for bed time.

My daughter Elizabeth eats, plays with Daddy while I make dinner, gets a bath (because she loves a bath and I ok'd it with my ped), gets a full body lotion massage and dressed for bed, gets a bottle, plays with Daddy and wears herself out until 8 pm, snuggles up with Momma for 15 minutes with another bottle, I take her and zip her into her blanket, I lay her down with a song and she goes to sleep. Her nightly routine starts at 5:30 each evening with very few variations. Most of my daughters day is on a set routine since my husband has blessed me with the ability to stay home. Babies like to know what is going on it keeps them happy.

This is what works for us. Find what works for you... These are just suggestions and I hope they help. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

My first daughter only slept in the swing for a long time. Really until she was too big for it. When we moved her to the crib we just started out slow. Start having her take a nap in the crib and then the next time she sleeps she can sleep in the swing. We just did that for a couple of days then two naps in the crib and then slept in the swing. We did that until she was sleeping in the crib everytime she slept. It was a fairly painless process. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

You could put a bouncy seat in the crib and let her sleep in that for a while. When she starts showing signs of rolling over it is obviously unsafe to remain in the seat, so then put her in her crib without it. Maybe by then she'll be used to the crib environment for sleeping.



answers from San Antonio on

My second son loved his swing! They find the motion comforting. I wouldn't worry!



answers from Dallas on

My 4th daughter did that too! I used to put her in her crib and put the bouncy seat in the other side of the crib! Away from the baby but I would turn it on and let it vibrate the matress. She'll get used to sleeping in her crib before long!


Once she start rolling over you need to take it out!



answers from Dallas on

Hi J.,
I read this response in another post to a similar situation, but it sounded logical enough for your situation as well. When you are slowly transitioning her to her crib like a person posted below, try adding one of your tshirts around the crib mattress or something else that smells like you. This is what you are supposed to do for new pets you are trying to crate train, and while it sounds kind of silly, your smell will comfort her in her otherwise foreign crib. Be sure to wrap it tight around the mattress however so it does not become a risk.
Good luck!



answers from Austin on

First of all... from a mother that still doesn't get as much sleep as she would like.... ENJOY and take advantage of her sleeping. Lots of babies get attached to the swing. I wouldn't rush the transition.

Otherwise, You could try a bassinet as a transition... one that rocks. It would have the movement of the swing, but the feel of a crib.

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