Toddler: Pulmicort

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Reaction to Taking Pulmicort / Singulair

J.K. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms - My son often takes medication for his chest when the weather turns like this ... generally with allergies. At 4 he is diagnosed with Reactive Airway Dis...


21 Month Old Son Coughing for a Month!

A.F. asks from Allentown

Hi Moms- So alittle bit of background here. My son was treated in the fall for allergies and asthma. He was on an inhaler, singulair and another steriod(for a week...


Steriod Use and Inhalers for 21 Month Old?

A.L. asks from Kansas City

When my son was 6 months old, he was diagnosed with whopping cough. Since that time, whenever he gets a cold, he also gets a cough from hell (excuse the term)! I decl...


What to Do About Cough in 15 Month Old???

C.P. asks from Dallas

Hi Mommas! I need some suggestions on things to do for my baby girls cough. Yes I am one of those mommy's who does not medicate unless she REALLY needs it, but...


18 Month Old with a Constant Runny Nose

M.C. asks from Washington DC

My daughter who is 18 months is suppose to have surgery on friday for her runny nose. The doctors stated that they will put tubes in both of her ears. The reason for ...


18 Month Old Fights the Breathing Treatment

E.L. asks from Chicago

Ever since my sons first cold, he has been wheezing. Everytime he gets a cold it goes straight to his lungs. (We always seem to have a check up right when he gets a c...


18 Month Old Son with Asthma

A.S. asks from Dallas

My son was finally diagnosed with asthma a few weeks ago. We've been to the doctor so many times since all this began when he was about 4 months old. Now he's 18 mo...


10 Month Old Son with Occasional Congestion

J.B. asks from Tyler

I have a 10 mo son that started having RSV-like symptoms when he was 3 mo (January) and would go through a bad bout of them each month afterwards until he was 6 mo ol...


20 Month Old Won't Stop Coughing

K.B. asks from Washington DC

My 20 month old son keeps waking up at about 4am and coughs on and off until he eventually wakes up at 7:30am. This started about 4 nights ago. He did have a cold a...


16 Month Old Refusing Necessary Nebulizer Treatments

K.L. asks from Macon

My 16 month old daughter needs 4x daily nebulizer treatments. The doctor says the mask will not do, she must put the nozzle in her mouth and inhale or breathe in the...