Da Vinci Surgery

Updated on March 26, 2011
L.C. asks from Paramus, NJ
5 answers

Has anyone had a hysterectomy using the Da Vinci method? If so how was your recovery time?
Any complications?

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So What Happened?

I live in NJ and within 5 miles there are a few good doctors that does the procedure. My doctor said I would stay overnite and be out of work max 1 week and be able to drive after that week. It is much better than our mothers way 6/8 weeks home.
Thanks everyone for there imput.

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answers from Albany on

up walking very well that night and felt fine within days!! Minimal discomfort



answers from Boston on

My son's aunt had hers done like that. She was suppose to be down for 6 weeks but was up after 2. Still recovering but she was feeling pretty good by then.



answers from Dallas on

I am curious why you would need to use a davinci? That is a remote surgery tool, typically when there is not access to a surgical specialist in the area hospitals have someone in like Minnesota opperate on someone in Florida (from my time in healthcare 5 years ago that's what I remember - LOL) A laproscopic surgery can be performed by just about any OBGYN surgeon. No need for a specialist millions of miles away to perform the proceedure.
Also, it used to be considerably more costly to have a da vinci proceedure because those cost the hospital an arm and a leg and they want to charge off (or use) the machine and charge insurance companies a larger fee.
sorry, not being argumentative. I am sure you did all of this with your DR, I am seriously just curious to know if the applications of this equipment have evolved. . .



answers from Jamestown on

Thanks for asking this question. I have never heard of the Da Vinci method. I thought he was just the one who painted the Mona L....lol.

I have an upcoming laparoscopy April 7th and depending on what they find, they might do the hysterectomy right them and there. I was wondering about the recovery time too. Everything that I have read stated 4-8 weeks. I am a single mom and have no one to help me that long.

I could handle a week off from work..but 2 weeks w/o driving? That's gonna be tough. I guess I had better stock up on stuff soon.


answers from Washington DC on

I don't know if mine was done using the da vinci system - however, I will tell you that I have two small incisions on my abdomen and was in the hospital for 24 hours - and shopping on Thursday (my surgery was Monday, out on Tuesday).

Attitude is everything! My sister was here to care for me so I had NOTHING to worry about - meals were cooked, my men were being taken care of - NOTHING I had to do but rest! :)

I couldn't drive for 2 weeks post op. I have MINIMAL pain and have been good. It's now 7 weeks and I'm still not allowed to have sex - but over all no complaints!!

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