Nutrition: First Response

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Food Has Taken over My 6 Year Old

My daughter is 6. She has always been a "picky" eater...if it is unhealty, she'll eat it, if it is healty, forget it! (this is thanks to her dad for telling her that veggies and fruits are yucky) Lately, food has consumed her. She is ALWAYS worried about food. What can I do?? Even right after we finish eating...she is starving and wants a snack. She eats more then I do in a single meal. She is already over weight and has been for some time. She thinks it is important to "eat healthy" but when it comes down to it, she won't, and daddy...

Bottle & Breastfeeding

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Long Term Breastfeeding a High Needs Toddler

Hi Moms, Before I go into the question I'd like to ask all critics and know-it-alls to quietly roll their eyes to themselves and leave supportive and informative answers to those who have experience in this area. Please and thanks. OK, my daughter's awesome, she's a super-growing, healthy, strong and beautiful 18month old. She's also incredibly creative, challenging and VERY high-needs in all areas of life. I decided to do the full-on Attachment Parenting techniques with her totally by default (I never heard of Dr. Sears until she...


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Constipation in My 14 Week Old

HI, my 14 week old little boy has had a real difficult time with his digestion. Initially, we were dealing with him spitting up constantly and now he is going 3-5 days without a bowel movement. I have to admit that I am starting to get frustrated because I am breastfeeding and I feel like no matter what I eat it is bad for him. First I was avoiding gassy foods to decrease the spit up and now I need to avoid constipating foods. I feel like there is nothing that I can eat. I cut back on a lot of vegetables and salads because that was causing...

Juice & Milk

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14 Month Old Won't Take Milk in Sippy!

Hello Everyone. My 14 month old daughter will not drink milk out of her sippy cup. She was down to 2 bottles a day (1 morning and 1 at night). She never needed her bottle to go to bed. I finally today took the bottles away today. I've been trying to get her to take the milk in the sippy (before I took the bottles away) and she won't do it. She drinks her water regularly from the sippy, but as soon as she tastes the milk she throws it! It just worries me that she won't get the proper amount of nutrition w/out the milk. Has anyone else had...


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Seeking Help on Getting 6Mo. Old Enough Water

I have a six month old daughter who has never been too interested in drinking from a bottle. I'm able to get her to drink 20-25 oz of formula a day (which the doc says is enough) 4-6 oz at a time. She also eats baby food (yellow veggies) two times a day. Her stools have been hard lately, and I'm worried that she's getting dehydrated. Sometimes, she will just play with her bottle instead of drinking it - she's very easily distracted. I don't want to take away the baby food feedings, but I need to get more water down her. My doctor said...


Solid Foods & Weaning

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33 Week Old Infant Weaning Herself from Breast

I have exclusively breastfed my baby until we went on a trip. I wasn't able to breastfed at times in public and gave my daughter a bottle. Now, she cries at my breast (especially in the evenings and afternoon). I give her a bottle of formula and she'll gulp 5-6 oz and be very happy. We've been trying solids now for over 2 months. I desperately wanted to breastfed for at least a year but since starting solids she seems to be weaning herself from the breast and wanting the bottle. I've been taking Fenugreek the last couple of weeks and trying...


How Do I Wean?

How do I wean my 11 mos old that will not eat other foods? She'll eat foods...

Vitamins & Supplements

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Need Advice on Prenatal Vitamins

I'm trying to find the best prenatal vitamin for me - and am having a very hard time. I've bought several - but haven't started taking any of them yet. The "TwinLab" prenatal seemed good but contains Polysorbate 80 in the "inactive ingrediants" and I have read very bad things about that. The Trade Joes prenatal looks good - but too hard to swallow. The New Chapter Organics Perfect Prenatal seems maybe good but they add all this extra herbal stuff that I don't know if I really want to take. Can anyone recommend a prenatal that doesn't go...