Diverticulitus & Gout Diet

Updated on January 30, 2008
N.H. asks from Chicago, IL
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My husband was just diagnosed with Diverticultis and from that while in the hospital got the Gout in his big toe - which he never had before. He's having trouble trying to find out what to eat, seeing a High Fiber Diet and the Gout Diet contradict each other.

Has anyone had these same issues or do you know how to develop a balance for both diets?

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So What Happened?

Thank you to all that have responded to my question seeking personal advice for my husband's condition with Diverticultis and the Gout. I know this is a trial and error process but I do believe we probably will seek the advice of a nutritionist. Thanks again for all your input and vitamin suggestions. You are all a great support system.
N. H

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Hi N. -
so sorry to hear of your husbands health problems. I've not got any advice for you, nor experience w/ these, but know that homeopathic treatment can help heal these problems in a huge way. I see Dr. Josephine Polich in Naperville as does my son, who has had eczema since birth. It's amazing the things that homeopathic treatment can heal and you can take it with Rx you're already on.
Dr. Polich's website is here: www.dupagehomeopathic.com
You can email her to ask if she can help your husbands conditions, and I'm certain that it can. A friend of mine has diverticulitus (sp?) and I remember looking it up to see if it can be treated homeopathically, and I did see that it could help heal, if not even cure.
Dr. Polich's email is: ____@____.com
Best of luck to you!
J. S (Naperville)



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I really don't know anything about Diverticulitus but if it's high fiber that your husband needs the company that I shop with has some very tasty, high fiber foods, including cereals, breakfast bars, and drinks. As far as the Gout goes, this company also has some wonderful vitamins that have truly helped so many people, in so many different areas. For example, they have a vitamin for joints. If you have any ques. feel free to get in touch.



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PRESCRIPTION FOR NUTRITIONAL HEALING by Balch. There is also a second one, set up completely different called PRESCRIPTION FOR DIETARY WELLNESS also by Balch. BOTH are EXCELLENT resources and VERY user friendly. You'll find them extremely helpful!

In addition, there is a book put out by Halleluja Acres that is ALL about natural healing.

Let me know what you find. Should have any problems and MUCH better to heal naturally from the inside out!!!



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Hi N.,
I am sorry to hear of your husband's diagnosis, but this is certainly something that he can live with.

I work with people to help them deal with health issues on a nutritional level. I work with a couple of people who have gout and diverticultis, and can recommend some things.

If you'd like, send me a PM with your email address and I can email you some things.



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My mother was recently diagnosed w/diverticulitus and she has many food allergies as well. I would suggest you seek the advice of a nutritionist. You can google looking for diets,(I tried for Mom) but there is so much out there it can be overwhelming. And, because of the gout concerns you need to make sure that the foods good for one don't upset the other. I noticed another post suggested something like a harty bread--as you probably know that could be very bad for a person with diverticulitus. I sm not sure if insurance will cover seeing someone to help figure out a diet plan, but I would imagine they do. And if they don't ...so worth avoiding surgery. Best of luck to you!



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To help the gout he needs to limit rich foods: red meat, red wine, etc. If he needs high fiber, some good options are apples, whole greain breads and cereals, etc.



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My husband uses a reginent of vitamins to chase off his gout - B-5, Heavy B-complex, C as high as you can find with time release, E, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Black Cherry Concentrate. I fine all of thes at GNC. Unless he really overdo's on the no-no' this has worked for him for many years

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