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Introducing Solids

K.G. asks from Miami

Hi again!! My little one will be 6 months in about 1 week. I have been exclusively breastfeeding and we are looking forward to introducing solids. The pediatrician ...


Introducing Solids

J.C. asks from Kansas City

Hi :) We are working on introducing solids to our 5 month old daughter. She did rice cereal for a week - did fine.. in the middle of her week of oatmeal.. so far d...


Introducing Solids

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

My baby will be 6 months this week, He is 4 months adjusted age. His last appointment his ped had told me we can start solids for him at 6 months. I need some guidanc...


Banana Gagging?

N.M. asks from Denver

My 6 month old son recently tried banana for the first time and he gagged everytime i tried to feed it to him (like he tasted it and then would gag). He eats rice ce...


If He's Allergic to Peaches, What Else Should I Be Careful With?

J.M. asks from Chicago

We've had quite a food journey with my 7 month old. After figuring out he was having some kind of allergic reaction to organic foods (two different brands of organic ...


Wants Only Fruit

S.P. asks from New York

Oh, I know this must be one of the most tired, reworked questions there is, but please help a first-time mom! My 14-month-old daughter has always had a good appetite,...


How Can I Get My 8 Month Old to Go Poo- I Gave Her Prunes and Applesauce- Efa's

L.S. asks from San Francisco

My daughter , well all 3 of my kids have been once a week or so poopers-but now that she is eating some food she is writhing in pain like she is constipated -I have t...


Feeding Baby Jarred Applesauce

P.D. asks from Washington DC

I'd like to give my newly solid food eating baby (4 months) regular jarred applesauce instead of baby applesauce. The ingredients are organic apples and water. My q...


Introducing Solids

M.M. asks from Portland

my daughter is 22 weeks. she is strictly breastfed but starting to show an undeniable interest in food when dad and i are eating. i wanted to go six months on just br...


Daughter Won't Eat Fruit!

K.V. asks from Kokomo

I have a two year old daughter who won't touch fruit with a ten foot pole! she'll eat bananas occasionally...and that's it. I've tried getting her to eat other frui...