Nutrition: Hydrocortisone

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Allergic to Touch, but Not to Eat?

Is it possible to have an allergy to touch something, but not eat it? I've noticed that when I handle raw shrimp, I break out and itch, but eating it after cooking doesn't bother me in the least. Last night, I peeled shrimp, and my fingers swelled a little, got red and very itchy, I inadvertantly touched my eye, which swelled up and turned really red. It all subsided after about an hour. I cooked and ate the shrimp and it doesn't bother me. No sickness, no itchy, swelled tongue or throat. I've noticed this in the past, too. So - I'm...


Infant Eczema 911 !!

Hi. I have a daughter with eczema--everywhere! She has it everywhere from...


Baby Skin Problem

I took my 6week old to the doctors and was told she has baby acne, she also...

Bottle & Breastfeeding

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Help with Eczema

My 5 month old has a small patch of eczema on his cheek. I've used hydrocortisone cream, aquaphor and eucerin. Sometimes it goes away a little but always keeps coming back. It doesn't seem to be itching or bothering him, but it is scaly and red. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it. Thanks, S.


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What Products to Use for an Infant Who Has a Rash

Hi I was wondering what products many of you recommend for an infant (2 month old) who has a very bad sandpaper like rash all over her body. Her back is actually peeling today since her skin has been so dry. I did take her to her Pediatrician who ruled out any illness. He stated it may be sensitive skin or she may be having a reaction to a food that I am eating as she also has very bad reflux along with it. I use dreft detergent on all clothes/linens that come into contact with her. I use Eucerin on her skin which does seem to help a...


Help with Eczema

My 6 month old was just diagnosed with eczema and I am trying to get his...

Eating Out

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Acid Mantle (Cream Mixed with Hydrocortisone) - Is It Safe?

I have a 15 month old son who has extremely sensitive skin and had horrible ezcema (sp?) since he was an infant. We found out that it was mostly caused by an allergy to pet dander so we had to give up our pug. Well, we have been using a prescription cream on him called A-Mantle since he was about 6 months old that our Pediatric Allergist prescribed (who is associated with CHOP). This cream is a hydrocortisone mixed with some other type of cream. We use it on him practically every single day (since he still has ezcema). I specifically...


Baby Not Eating Well

A little history on my 14 month old daughter. She's always been a funny...


Restaurants for Kids

I'm so burned out on taking my kids out for chicken nuggets, burgers, pasta ...


Feeding Accessories

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1 Month Old Seems Hungry After Nursing...

1 month old seems hungry after nursing 15 minutes on each side (crying when she is done, if I offer a bottle, she eats it). I'm worried that her weight is going to drop down again because she just doesn't seem to be getting enough. FYI -- She is only eating about every 3 hours or more -- because I'm always having to wake her to eat. Also, I'm still using nipple shields because of pain -- really want to stop these but just can't seem to go without. HELP! -should I increase feedings to every 2 1/2 hours during day? -Is it my diet? -How do...


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Hydrocortisone Cream and 6 Month Olds Face

My ped. put my son on perscription Hydrocortisone cream a few weeks ago for red spots, dry spots on his face. I have had skin issues all my life and have always been told not to use HC for a long period of time. I try to not use the cream all the time, so I apply when he has the spots and when they go away I stop, BUT they come back a day or two later. Should I stop using this and find something else, call the doctor? Or just use it?? Any suggestions?


Getting Fluids Down

Hi mamas, My neice is 10 months and has caught the rotavirus. She was...


Milk and Juice

I am wondering how many ounces of liquids does a 16 month old need? And what...


Picky Eater

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Baby Not Eating Well

A little history on my 14 month old daughter. She's always been a funny picky eater. Hard to feed and hard to find what she'll eat. She's always been a discontented baby that was fussy. Our problem now is she's gone from picky eater to not eater. It started two weeks ago with her not eating much to the last week not wanting to eat pureed food at all. After two bites of one type she'll cry. At one feeding I've tried up to 6 different foods that she used to like. I know that they go through phases when they don't eat much. but I...

Solid Foods & Weaning

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Temporary Weaning to Formula

My exclusively breastfed 6 month old son has had severe eczema for over 3 months now, and we don't know which way to turn. We have seen medical doctors, tried alternative methods, used every ointment, lotion and even steroid cream, but have not been able to get this under control. Over the last 10 weeks I have eliminated the 10 major allergens from my diet, as well as tried a major elimination where I only ate turkey, brown rice, sweet potato, and squash. I have done these for 3 weeks at a time, as it takes that long to clear the system...


Help with Eczema

My 6 month old was just diagnosed with eczema and I am trying to get his...


Baby Skin Problem

I took my 6week old to the doctors and was told she has baby acne, she also...


How Do I Wean?

How do I wean my 11 mos old that will not eat other foods? She'll eat foods...