Flat Belly Diet

Updated on January 18, 2009
A.D. asks from Baldwin, NY
7 answers

Can anyone attest to the Flat Belly Diet? Does it work?

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answers from New York on

Hi A., No I cannot attest to the flat belly diet, but I myself am curious about it. I admit to thinking there may be something to it, since Oprah has been talking about Acai fruit (which I believe is a central part of this diet), and usually (though not always) she has her facts straight. You might check out her website to see if she has anything on it about Acai, or the flat belly diet, and also check out the Today.com website on this, as Ann Curry was talking about Acai the other day, and she is quite interested in health (particularly alternative methods, etc.). I'm gonna do the same. Good luck to us! B.



answers from New York on

I like to know also.



answers from New York on

I have the book, and I have not seen any mention of the acai fruit yet. I am slowly easing myself into the diet; haven't seen any changes yet, but I will let you know if I do. Check it out at www.prevention.com or www.flatbellydiet.com. The best part is that the diet is built around foods like peanut butter, chocolate, nuts, olive and canola oil, etc. that are high in monounsaturated fatty acids-these target the fat in your belly and get rid of it.

For what it is worth, Yale University did a study on this diet, and everybody on the diet lost weight and fat that was packed around their abdominal organs (which is much worse than fat that's under the skin). Their blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar all went down as a result. No harm in giving this a try-good luck!



answers from Springfield on

Hi A.,

I can't attest to the Flat Belly Diet, but I started Alli a week ago and have lost 10 lbs as of this morning. I'm shocked and amazed - I never lost that quickly with
Weight Watchers, which I have attempted several times. I have a long way to go, but I like their meal plans and my husband is even doing this with me. His results aren't as dramatic as mine, but I also think he's been cheating and I've been pretty strict. So far, I am a fan!




answers from New York on

How you treat your body is how your children will treat theirs. If your husband loves the way you look, and you are, for the most part, pleased, then don't worry if you have a baby pooch (that's what I call the lower part of your belly, just below your belly button). Love your body, respect yourself and your children will be okay, too. I know it sounds shallow but I know lots of people that can't have children that would love that poochy belly. If you've got it, love it if only because it's a part of you.



answers from New York on

A., Do you really want another diet? I have found a wellness program that works for life, is healthy for everyone in your family and will cost you less that going to the supermarket or out for dinner. Please read the following and if you are interested, I would love to talk to you further, C., [email protected]____.com
Being a Registered Nurse (RN) and nutritionist, personal health and wellness is my passion. I not only teach people how to reach their peak, but make their dreams come true. My coaching includes personal development; health and wellness which leads to health and wealth is measured in varying degrees by each individual.

At the onset of the program, I begin with a personalized anti-aging body cleansing and fat burning system. This will immediately take your health to higher level and begins advancing your body and mind to peak performance levels. My passion truly touches people’s lives by giving them a better mind set once they finish the program with a new outlook, a different way of looking at their lives from eating to exercising to enjoying their lives much more.



answers from Albany on

I've got a million diet books because I'm a nutritional counselor. Haven't got this one though. One of the safest and easiest ways to lose weight is to eat a raw vegan diet. You can eat as much food as you want so you never feel deprived. You will clean out your colon too which is often why people are thick around the belly. I would suggest you look up Angela Stokes online. She's the picture of health and lost over 100 pounds. She was even featured on CNN. You don't say how much you have to lose but whether it's a little or a lot this works good and you will have boundless energy too from all the nutrients.

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