Nutrition: Earth's Best

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Who Would like to Take Some Earth's Best Baby Food Jars?

Hello Moms, I have about 30 baby food jars from Earth's Best(summer vegetables, green vegetables with rice, winter squash...) that my son doesn't want to eat them. I don't want just to throw them, so if someone is interested to take them, please let me know. I live in Lincoln Park area. Thanks, M.

Bottle & Breastfeeding

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Turmoil over Ending Breastfeeding!

I hope my question does not seem rambling - I have such mixed emotions! I have an 8-month old girl who has been exclusively fed with breast milk. I'm a full time working mom, so I pump during the day (and night) since she is sleeping through - so she is already proficient with the bottle. My supply is starting to drop, and I'm already breaking into my deep freezer supply - one full bag every two days or so. I have very little support from my hubby and family - not as much as they have been discouraging, but not very encouraging at all...


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How to Get Rid of GAS in an Infant

Does anyone have an ideas how to get rid of GAS? My daughter is only 1 month old, and has gas so bad, that she cries after she eats. I've tried rubbing her stomach, mylicon drops, warm compresses on her stomach, warm baths and laying her on my stomach. I don't lay her down after she eats for 30 mins, then I lay her down, but she cries from the gas. She is bottle feed with breast milk and formula. I have tried to just breast feed, but she wont latch on.. I'm open to any suggestion to get rid of the gas. Thank you for all your help, it's...


Infant with Gas

My 2 month old son has been suffering from long periods of excessive gas-...

Limiting Sweets & Sugar

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Trying to Find Very Low Sugar Cold Cereal

We are having trouble finding low sugar cold cereal. The lowest we can find is around five grams (per "serving"), such as Earth's Best brand. We consider that amount of sugar to be excessive and unnecessary for a baby. We'd ideally like to find something in the 2-3 grams range. Does anybody know of any cereals we could look at? Thank you.


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Does Anyone Use Earth's Best Organic Formula?

I just saw a news report today that stated "Rocket Fuel" has been found in infant formula. In the study, they said they can not identify which brands were's the same story when they found melamine in some of the brands! So, I was thinking about switching to Earth's Best Organic Formula because I already use the organic rice for my 6mth old. So, do you or do you know anyone who uses organic formula? Did it have any different side effects? Any advice would be appreciated...breastfeeding is no longer an option.


Getting Fluids Down

Hi mamas, My neice is 10 months and has caught the rotavirus. She was...


Refusing to Eat

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Refuses to Eat Baby Food...

Hello, My son is almost 9 months old and is just learning to chew and is refusing to eat his pureed dinners. I mostly give him Earth Best Organic stage 2 dinners. He does eat gerber puffs and teething cookies but I worry about giving him whole food so soon. Any suggestions on what to feed him besides mashed potatoes and soup?


My 2Yr Will Not Eat

I was looking for some suggestions for my daughter. She is 2 and refuses...

Solid Foods & Weaning

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Problems with Solid Food

Hi! I started feeding my almost 7 month old son solids when he was almost 6 months old. I waited until the signs were there; sitting up, good head and neck control, interested in what we're eating, making chewing motions with his mouth. I started him on rice cereal mixed with breastmilk, and he did great at first. He even opened wide and seemed to like it. Over the last 2 weeks, he's become less interested in the food and more interested in playing with the spoon and the bowl. For the last few days, he's been pursing his lips and...


Starting Solid Food

Hi Moms- My baby is almost 5 mo's old and I'm thinking of starting her on...