Forbidden Foods

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Babies and Berries

K.H. asks from Odessa

Several years ago a mom-friend told me it was better not to introduce berries to babies until after 9 months. Anyone else heard this? Any experiences positive or nega...


When Is It Okay to Introduce Nuts, Eggs, Berries, Honey, Etc...

A.I. asks from Sacramento

My husband and I have been very careful to not introduce high allergy-prone foods to our son. He was breast fed until 12 months. We started introducing some solids ...


When Can I Start Strawberries?

M.G. asks from Dallas

I know babies aren't supposed to have strawberries at first, but does anyone know when it's okay? We gave our 12 month old a little today, and he seemed to be fine, ...


Foods to Avoid?

L.H. asks from Auburn

My daughter just turned 1 and I was wondering if there are still any foods that I should avoid giving her? (Like- honey, peanut butter, etc.)


Rash from Strawberries?

L.C. asks from Chicago

My 1 year old ate strawberries this morning for the first time and later in the day he had a rash on his butt that was bright red. Im thinking the rash is from the b...


Eating Peanut Butter, Honey, Etc... When Breastfeeding

E.S. asks from Los Angeles

I was recently told by our pediatrician that it is wise not to eat peanut butter, all nuts, honey, berries and other foods that can cause food allergies while breastf...


Honey and Peanut Butter Help?

S.Y. asks from Youngstown

I know that they say NO honey for babies... but what is the age that it is safe to give them honey? I'm not saying directly out of the bottle but used in cooking as a...



J.G. asks from Chicago

What do you do with blueberries? I'd like to share a really simple and kickass cake recipe. It's amazing, and easy, and freezes like a dream! It's a cake that will...


Foods to Avoid After Giving Birth...???!!

J.S. asks from Bellingham

my aunt just given birth about a week ago..she ate something last yesterday ( some sort of green leafy veg.) and feeling sick..she's in the first phase of dying..she ...


Peanut Type Foods to Avoid

L. asks from Dallas

I just recently found out that my one year old son is highly allergic to Peanut Butter... I have to carry around an EpiPen now... What types of common foods and resta...