False Positive on the Equate Blue Dye 2 Line Type Pregnancy Test?

Updated on April 19, 2012
A.G. asks from Pocatello, ID
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So this is my irritating dilemma. I have taken 3 of the equate blue dye ( l l ) not ( + - ) test. Al three have given me a very faint positive. The test line is light, light blue and very thin. Not thick at all. However the line did show up within a minute or so of taking the test. So one would think pregnant right? I mean a line is a line right? So then I got online and there are all these sights about the blue dye giving false positives or that after a while you can see an evaporation line that people assume is a positive line. So I also bought the first response pregnancy test and some dollar store ones. All have come out negative except for one of the first response test. Again it was a very, very faint, thin pale, pale pink line. So I know I just need to be calm and wait a week or so and test again but it's so hard to be in this situation. My 3rd child is 1 and I'm still breastfeeding so I haven't had my period yet so I'm not sure how late I would be if I am pregnant. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has had a false positive with this brand? Or was pregnant and used this brand and got the same faint, skinny blue line? Thanks for taking the time to read my crazyness! lol

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So What Happened?

Well I took a digital test with FUM and it came out negative. So i'm not pregnant. So my advise it beware of the equate blue dye test! False positives have turned out to be heart breaking for me. At first I wasn't ready or even sure I wanted another baby but after thinking I might be pregnant that mothering instinct kicked in and now I want one. I'm so sad. But thanks for all your input ladies.

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answers from Dallas on

Like you said, wait a week and test again. You know...they say that there is no such thing as a false positive, only a false negative.

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answers from San Diego on

I would wait a couple days, then I would spend the money on a digital one that says "pregnant" or "not pregnant" and take it first thing in the morning so it's the strongest concentration. Or call your doctor, tell them what's happened and ask to go in to get a blood test.

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answers from Atlanta on

Usually the false positives are a result of the evap line. as long as you read the test in the time frame, you're seeing an actual line. It sounds like you are very newly pregnant - just enough that the more sensitive tests are picking it up. You shouldn't have to wait a week. If you didn't use first morning urine - tomorrow should do the trick. If you did - another 2 days and you'll get thicker lines.

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answers from Portland on

Based on the faintness of the line and all the negative tests I would assume I was not pregnant. If I was as upset by this as you seem, I'd go to the doctor and get a blood test. They are more accurate.

Why did you take the test? Are you having symptoms of a pregnancy? If so they could be caused by the change in hormones that your body goes thru after a pregnancy and in preparation for resuming your period.

I would assume the best outcome instead of the least desirable one. Why borrow trouble as the saying goes.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Don't remember the brand but didn't want to meet up for drinks with my coworkers without testing. I suspected I could be and wanted to make sure before I had any alcohol so I tested on the early side. The line was ever so faint, and it was a real pregnancy.

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answers from Champaign on

I had the same issue a few months ago. I took the equate blue line - and I thought I saw a line - but then I wasn't sure cause it was very light. I waited a day - and took a digital test that gave me a positive. A friend of mine works in an OB office and said you get more false negatives - but usually a line is a line. I would wait a day or two, try again, and get a digital one.

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answers from Topeka on

Maybe you should go out, buy the best quality test, and take it in the morning with your first morning pee. That is when you will get your strongest reading.
There are false positives when taking a test, and there are false negatives.... So you just really need to get a test that would be worth taking. If this one comes out positive, then I suggest going to your nearest health department and getting a test with the blood.

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answers from New York on

it may just be that you are very early on in the pregnancy.. wait a little bit and go buy a digital test.. im 25 weeks along right now but i asked basically the same question after taking a few tests my self, mine were the + - kind there was a plus sign but it was very light i took all 3 tests that came in the box n all came out the same way.. everyone that answered my question said a positive is a positive.. a day later i bought a box of digital tests and everyday 3 days in a row took one and they all said pregnant.. if i were u id go buy digital.. if your still unclear about it u gotta go to your doc for a blood test


answers from Houston on

Wait a week or two and take another test.



answers from Denver on

pink line = pregnant

at the very least, your hormones are saying you're pregnant.

you are clearly frustrated with the tests, why not call your doc and schedule a blood screen?

then you'd be sure.


answers from Dallas on

Save some money and get a few dollar store tests. I'm a test freak and these work very well.


answers from Dayton on

Ok...if you got a thin line on the pink test...that sounds pretty positive.
At this point I would urge you to go and get a blood test (I would not spend $20 on a digital test-but I don't have money to waste) and get your levels checked.

When I got pregnant w/ my 2nd baby (3rd pregnancy), I got a super, super faint line on a (First Response) test. It did not give me a good feeling as I have always gotten really dark, positive lines immediately-even w/ the baby I lost.
So I went and had blood work done.
They told me my progesterone was low.
(I'm sorry, if I repeated myself from yesterday.)

Anyhoo...If the First Response test is giving you a line...I'd trust it.
Now go make a blood work appt. :)



answers from Provo on

With my first the line on the first response test was soooooo faint, but it was there and I was pregnant. If you are really in doubt (as I would guess you are with both positive and negative results) just go to the doctor for one -- the ones they have are more accurate.
Good luck to you!



answers from Bloomington on

Chances are pretty good that you are pregnant.....and just a week or two....meaning 4-5 weeks in pregnancy lingo....adding your period week (which you didn't have). I don't think you have to worry about your pregnancy being further along than that.

If baby #3 is 1, he/she probably isn't nursing around the clock, and you've started to naturally wean....making your body ready to conceive. Has baby started to refuse nursing even more recently??? I've read that the milk changes "flavor" when pregnancy hormones surge.

Keep us informed. :)

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