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Updated on January 21, 2013
C.Z. asks from Manning, IA
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So I need to diet but I dont want the traditional count calories. Been there done that. I just want to know what I can cut out like noodles potatoes that would help me loose the pounds. Also I want quick food to take to work for lunch.

Any suggestions would help.

ETA- I am working out daily. 1 (or 2 depending on the day) 30 min workout that is intense. I walk our puppy almost 1 mile (this will kick up when the cold goes away but he is short hair and starts shivering close to the stop of our walk.)

and I dont drink pop, mostly water. I dont eat potatoe chips unless they are the 100 cal. ones packets and even then only once in a while. I dont eat sweets much if at all. I dont drink beer went on a wine kick.

What can I do next?

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answers from Chicago on

No fast food - at all
Cut your bread intake in half (half a sandwich, take the top off the sandwich, etc...)
No soda - not even diet.
no chips
cut your cheese intake in half

Start there.
Although, I will say that if you don't want to "do the work", and you plan to try to just stop eating certain kinds of's going to fail. And then you'll have made yourself miserable for nothing.

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answers from Dallas on

If a caveman didn't eat it, don't eat it. In other words, cut out processed foods. Obviously you can't cut out ALL processed foods, because the reality is that in today's world, we can't spend all day prepping our food to be eaten. But you can eat whole or minimally processed foods. Whole grains, raw & organic fruits & vegetables. High protein. Non-starchy veggies. Never fails that I lose weight when eating that way.

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answers from Indianapolis on

I love Nikki's caveman comment!

I don't do the whole counting calories nonsense.

Just eat healthier.

Water. Fruits. Veggies. Lean meats. Little to no grease.

Eliminating the "bad" from your diet is a great start!

My hubby and I started this 5 weeks ago. He's already lost 18 lbs.

Good luck.



answers from Fargo on

I make soups and chili and i freeze in individual containers for quick lunches. Im a weight watchers it. I don't think there's a magic don't eat this and lose weight. That's what i love about weight watcher's it's not about not eating this to lose's about eating healthy for the long term. I also think its about finding what works for you....for instance, i eat little carbs, try to eat 70-80 grams of protein and limit calories as well (even if within points) I did WW after my second daughter and lost all my weight and was able to keep it off for 8 years. I had a baby and am now doing WW again to get off baby weight. It is slow but it works. I also work out or i dont lose.



answers from Las Vegas on

I suggest OA. It's a great program.. There are people in it who have lost anywhere from 1 lb to 100s.. All shapes and sizes. from food obsessions to over-exercises. The commonality as that we all obsess at one point or another over food... You can check out groups near you at OA.ORG

What I like about the program is that it isn't about a diet and lack of willpower, it's about approaching the reasons as to why you over-eat.. why you turn to food and learning what your triggers are that might cause you to over-eat.

I love the program and have been in it for about 15 weeks..

good luck in whatever you decide to do



answers from Topeka on

Get a cookbook,cut out all the junk eat fresh fruits and vegetables nothing out of a box or plastic package



answers from Houston on

The paleo/primal diet

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