Nursing While Sick or Taking Medication

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Cold Medicine Safe While Breastfeeding

J.P. asks from Austin

I know I could call the doc's office but I was hoping for just a quick response: is nyquil or dayquil safe while breastfeeding? Thanks all!


Breastfeeding and Medication

J.W. asks from Dallas

I was wondering if anyone had access to Dr. Thomas Hale's book concerning medication and breastfeeding and if so, can you look something up for me??? Should anyone ...


Breastfeeding While Sick

K.H. asks from Kalamazoo

Hi out there! I have a quick question for all of you moms that breastfeed. Tessa (my little girl) is 4months old and I am still breastfeeding. I am starting to com...


What Medicine Is Safe While Breastfeeding.

C.C. asks from Denver

I am nursing my 11 week daughter and have a cold my other kid had it first. Two had a cough and fever the older one had the diarrhea. Mine has manifested into a hea...


Taking Medication While Breastfeeding

L.L. asks from Tucson

Hey everyone! It's been windy here the past couple of days and today I woke up sneezing, runny nose and watery eyed. So far I've been coping with my allergies patien...


Safe Anti-anxiety Medication While Breastfeeding?

K.M. asks from Portland

I am going to see a doctor on Monday to possibly start taking an anti-anxiety medication. I have pretty bad anxiety and have for my entire life. I am also currently...


Breastfeeding While on Medication?

C.C. asks from Orlando

Ok Mommas, I am getting conflicting advice from my health care professionals. I am due in two weeks w/ baby #2, have been on Synthroid (for hypothyroid) and Toprol ...


What Cold Medicine Is Safe While Nursing? Any?

K.S. asks from Dallas

Happy Thanksgiving Mamas! I have come down with a terrible cold and I could really use some relief. I checked the La Leche League website, but couldn't find any i...


Safe Cold Medicines While Breastfeeding

J.T. asks from Sacramento

I have a bad cold and I am miserable, but I have a seven week old that I am breastfeeding. The last thing I want to do is take something unsafe for her, but it is har...


Taking Medicine While Breastfeeding ... ??

H.P. asks from Colorado Springs

Question: I have a bad cold and really need to take a Sudafed type pill to clear my nose so that I can breathe--particularly at night. Do you know whether this will ...