Nutrition: Target

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Food from Target/ Walmart?

Hi moms, I often buy food usually (boxed or canned) from walmart or target. After all this recalled stuff with lead in it, do you think it is safe to buy food and clothing products products from them? Is it seconds or defective in some way? Some items are just soo much cheaper.

Bottle & Breastfeeding

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To Breastfeeding Moms

I have two sons that I chose to use formula with, I'm at peace with that choice. I'm very uncomfortable, however, about doing any breastfeeding in public. No offense, but I think it particularly offensive when ladies choose not to cover up while breastfeeding in public, like at a resaraunt. With that said, I am pregnant with baby number 3 and would like explore the option of pumping only so that my baby has the benefits of breastmilk without having to breastfeed in front of anyone. Walk me through it- how big of a pain would it be to just...


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Introducing Solids to Daughter, Digestion Is Tough

I have a 5 month old daughter just starting out on some solids. We prepare fresh fruits, veggies, oatmeal and rice. She also enjoys cherrios and graham crackers. Obviously her digestion has changed, but should she labor with bowel movements? I think this may be the reason she was up crying every two hours tonight. Anyone have the same experience and any suggestions? I will discuss with our family doctor next visit.


Infant with Reflux

Hi, I have a 5 week old daughter and since day 3, the doctor said she had...

Eating Out

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Target Timeout Questions

Hi! I have a 23 month old son and a 3 1/2 year old son. We do timeouts at home (for the older son) and they work great, but today while shopping at Target, my older son was acting up. I warned him a few times but he kept on. So I tried to give him a time out at Target but it didn't work. I had my other son buckled into the cart, and I sat my older son in the red chair that they have in guest services by the computer monitors for job applicants. I told my older son he was in time out for 3 minutes just like at home. However, he just...


Restaurants for Kids

I'm so burned out on taking my kids out for chicken nuggets, burgers, pasta ...


Feeding Accessories

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My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow.

I would like to buy a ( My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow ) but I can't seem to find it in stores. Do any of you wonderful mama's out there in mamapedia world know where I can get one ((( at a store )))? I can find them online but not in stores ~ please help. Thank you.


What's a Boppy?

Evidently something has gotten past me. What is a boppy?


Nursing at Disney

I'm planning on nursing my 3 month old at Disney and wondered if you had any...

Healthy Eating

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Healthy Mail Package for a Friend Gone Triathlon & Nutritious

Hey All- I have an old college roommate that has a birthday coming up. In the past, when i would mail her fun packages, it would be treats and lotions and such, but NOW she is Mrs Triatholon, Trader Joes, and sending out green smoothie recipes. Any mom's that are on the total healthy route that can give me ideas for a package that she would enjoy. Thank you.


Juice & Milk

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Caffeinated Replacement for Soda?

Hi there, I hate coffee, but...I need a little caffeine in the late morning / early afternoon to give me a little jump. I know, I know - it's terrible to do, to me again when my kids are consistently sleeping through the night! ;) So, I have been having one diet soda over lunch. I know how terrible it is for me, and my 3-yr-old son is asking me about what I'm drinking, so I'm wondering if you knowledgeable mamas out there might have suggestions for me to change to something healthier - for both my benefit and my son's -...


Soda vs Juice

Sorry to highjack bumblebee's post.... but all the comments insinuating that...


Milk and Juice

I am wondering how many ounces of liquids does a 16 month old need? And what...


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Getting Fluids Down

Hi mamas, My neice is 10 months and has caught the rotavirus. She was hospitalized for a few days but came home today. She won't take any fluids. My sister is desperate because they said if she doesn't get her to take something soon, she will be back in the hospital. do you mamas have any advice?


Milk and Juice

I am wondering how many ounces of liquids does a 16 month old need? And what...


Solid Foods & Weaning

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13 Month Old Not Interested in Solid Food

Hello I have a 13 month son who has very litle interest in solid food. I have tried feeding him solids since 6months. He mostly spits everything out or will eat a few bites and then lose interest. I thought at first it was just the texture of purrees. He will eat Cheerios and graham crackers. Sometimes I can get him to eat bananas, scrambled eggs, beans, and cut up string cheese. And that's about it. I nurse him exclusivly and it seems that is what he prefers. But I know he is hungry because he wants to nurse frequently. My pediatrician...


How Do I Wean?

How do I wean my 11 mos old that will not eat other foods? She'll eat foods...


Solid Food Advice

Hi, I am a mom to twin 6 month olds and we have just begun solid foods...

Vitamins & Supplements

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Supplements and Vitamins

I was told to start taking supplements and vitamins 3 months before I got pregnant but I do not know which ones I should start taking. What were you told to take when you were pregnant?

Weight Management

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HCG Weight Loss Program

Has anyone heard of or tried this new weight loss diet? It is supposed to help you loose up to 30lbs in 30 days. I am really considering this, but I am kind of scared with trying something new. I have had 3 children and my youngest is 8 months old. We are not having anymore kids and so I really want to get back down to what I was 5 years ago. I tried the salads for every meal diet along with some excercise for almost 6 months and did not drop one pound. Everyday is a struggle for me. If anyone has ideas or knows anything about this...


Best Body Shaper?!

Hi- I am in need of a great body shaper for my sister-in-law's wedding. ...