Major Purchases: First Years

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"Seeking Advice on a Car Seat/ Buster Seat Purchase"

Hello ladies, My daughter is 5 and a half. She has been using Britax car seat since whe was a baby. Now she is almost 60 pounds and very tall. The problem is that the straps on her car seat are too short for her. I manage to fusten the upper one but sometimes I have to use only one side of the lower buckle. I am a little worried and would like to purchase a bigger seat that will fit her and be safe. I have been looking for one for a few months now and can not find something that is wide enough and can last another 2-3 years. I am not...


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What Type of Sippy Cup to Buy?

My son is transitioning from bottle to "cup" I bought a few diffrent types of cups but am getting frustrated with them because they are really hard to clean, especially the straw type, any suggestions of which brand to by. I have bought nuby sip straw cup, playtex insulated straw cup, and take and toss cups with spouts which spill all over my son. Any suggestions would be great thanks!


Favorite Sippy Cups

My 12 month old is perfecting the use a sippy cup, so I need to buy more. I...


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"Specific" Parenting Plan in Divorce Decree

I am preparing with my lawyer, the final decree and I WANT to be very specific. My ex and I do try to cooperate with each other when making joint decisions about our children but they are young. My oldest will be in pre-k this fall 2013 and her sister will soon be potty training. i don't want to have to go to court 10 years down the road because we can't decide who will pay for elementary/high school activities and their college tuition. Does anyone have specific agreements that they would be willing to share with me?