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Updated on October 09, 2010
J.B. asks from Lafayette, LA
4 answers

Does anyone know how to purchase a pumpking patch? I know it's late in the season, but we are having our school festival the week after Halloween and we'd like to have one for picture taking opportunities and to let the little ones paint them if they want. I have no idea where to start?! What to churches do with their pumpkin patches after Halloween?
The director of the event thought local churches would donate their excess inventory - but I think that's a little crazy! I mean, we're non-profit...but so are they! I can't imagine these are cheap to purchase.
Any help would be SUPER!!! Thanks Mamas!

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answers from Houston on

I'd contact the produce manager at some local grocery stores...they often have a bundle of pumpkins left over and many would likely donate them or sell them cheap.



answers from Las Vegas on

It never hurts to ask. Just ask them.



answers from Atlanta on

Check local pumpkin patches, corn mazes, etc. in your area. Most of the ones around here are open through November 7th. They all welcome lots of school and church field trips and groups!



answers from Seattle on

In our area, wither field trips are arranged to go to existing pumpkin patches / corn mazes... or for carnival type, purely decorative, things... the PTA just purchases a bulk of sugar pumpkins for painting, and 1 or 3 big (100+ pounders, typically $20-$50 each), and a few more decorative "normal" sized pumpkins. Add in some hay/straw/or timothy bales and some corn stalks... and voila.

The GIANT pumpkins can be raffled off at $1 tickets. If there are even 50 families that enter the raffle, that pays for at least one of the pumpkins. If your school, however, has several hundred families... and "extra" after pumpkin cost just goes into the PTA.

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