Birth Announcements/treats for Big Brother

Updated on March 26, 2010
R.D. asks from Des Moines, IA
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I know I saw somewhere an idea for having birth announcements for the older sibling to hand out at school. Something like "___ is a big brother..." and the baby's info. I was thinking I'd include a picture of him holding the baby and maybe a small treat like fruit snacks (or bring cookies, etc). Has anyone else done this or seen it done? I know I saw some examples online somewhere, but I must not be searching the right thing to find it again.

EDIT: My son's school discourages candy and sweet treats (although they make exceptions for birthdays) so I don't want to go the candy bar or M&M route, although I've seen those and they are so cute.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I haven't heard about anything specific, but it sounds very sweet. I use shutterfly for all my pics ( and when my second daughter was born, I took a picture of the two girls and put a border around it that said, "my new sister." There is no additional cost to add borders and effects to your pictures on shutterfly and you only have to pay the cost of the print (if you purchase packages the cost ends up being $0.12 a print). My oldest 'gave' these out to family and friends, along with the actual birth announcement, so it made it special for her too!

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answers from New York on

Hi R.,
How about if you do the announcements and then maybe a coloring book for each of the kids, maybe from a dollar store, then again this is depending on your son's age and school mates. If he is older and a coloring book is not the right thing for him, maybe you can do water baloons, some party favors from a party store. I hope this helps.



answers from Lubbock on

hmm...i'm assuming the older sibling is maybe in a younger grade? k thru 2nd or 3rd? if so, what about a small pack of crayons, or even a pencil/eraser set? would that do? and you can make a small announcment like maybe a tag size and put a hole in it and tie it around the pencil set with a blue or pink ribbon? i also like the coloring book idea!



answers from Minneapolis on

I love the announcement idea! Although I don't know where to find one online. You can probably just come up with something on your own. How old is big brother? Our school doesn't allow treats of any kind. I might skip the food treat part and if you want to provide something in addition to the announcement maybe a pencil, party favor or small toy (not balloons though--latex allergies, choking hazards, etc.). Some kind of small toy that might be related to babies? Sometimes the dollar section in Target has cute ideas. What about a small book? Maybe you can find inexpensive little books or comic books. If you do bring a food treat, teachers like things that aren't messy. Fruit snacks would probably be better than cookies. Congrats on the new baby.



answers from Omaha on

I think your idea is a great one, if for no other reason than it helps to more deeply include the older sibling who often feels left out, replaced, etc. I think this will send the message to your older son that being a big brother counts for something in a special way. Also, I would help older brother learn to change diapers, read to the baby, etc. Even if he's young, he will feel more of a part of things, which will probably help reduce jealousy. The last thing I would do is send big brother away to play when he wants "to help". So, the school announcement idea is a great beginning to feeling included not replaced by a new sibling.



answers from Boston on

I have seen fake wrappers put around Hershey Bars that say "Heresheis" or "Herheis" with the particulars printed on the inside. You might be able to draw it and color copy it yourself, kinda quaint and low tech.

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