Major Purchases: Puppets

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Panicing About Christmas Time Already.

I'm trying to think of presents for my 3 year old son. I'm glad he's not at an age of Wei's or Guitar Hero's just yet. My husband has been unemployed for about 6 months now and money is really tight. What kind of make at home presents do people do at low cost or no cost? I don't know how to sew. I am checkng on freecycle for legos, lincoln blocks, and puppets. Any other ideas? And how does one get on toys for tots?


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What to Buy a 4 Year Old Girl for Her Birthday?

We have a birthday party to go to for a 4 year old girl. What are girls into at this age? If you have any suggestions of something cute that I know would be safe to buy that she would like please send your suggestions my way! Thanks!


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What Should I Keep My Eyes On? (Daughter Staring School)

I am so exited, my daughter starts school in 2 weeks (pre-school). After looking to many schools I fell in love to this new school, to me is like a dream come true school. Is new, is clean (because is new), it is like a Montessori school type, the classroom for the 3 year old have different learning areas, they have a water/sand table, small couches for reading time, a wooden kitchen with dolls for pretending play, blocks area, quite area with their flat kind of beds? puppets for civil educations, great food options, etc, besides their...


Too Much TV

This is going to sound bad, and that's because I know it is. But my 3 year...

Vacation & Travel

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Air Travel Tips

In December my family (husband and twin daughters) will be traveling to Chicago for a wedding. The girls will be almost a year and a half by then. My question is, does anyone have any air travel tips for me. We booked the flight, hotel and rental car all at once as a package. I made sure the hotel provided cribs (i didn't want them to escape when they decide they don't want to sleep). The girls will be flying on our laps, and I booked a non-stop flight so there will be less frustration. I'm hoping the flight won't be full, that way no one...


Family Vacation Ideas

We have never taken a family vacation. We would like to this year. Our kids...