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What Can I Do If My 15 Month Old Won't Sit in a High Chair

When I put my 15 month old in a high chair, within five minutes he starts screaming and wants to get out. Instead I feed him while he is playing or walking around. He will come up and I will feed him or he will sit on my lap and eat himself. He seems content to eat this way, but surely it can't go on like this. What can I do? This morning we tried to keep him in his chair even if he screamed but then he wouldn't touch his food, so we took him out and then he was crying because I wouldn't give him his food while he is out of the chair. ...


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Finger Food for 14 Month Old & Sippy Cups

I have a 14 month old daughter who is a picky eater. I feel like I feed her the same things over and over every day. I can't find any vegetables she likes. She loves cheese but I don't want to overdo it on that. She is independent and really likes foods that she can feed to herself. I would love some ideas of what other moms feed their toddlers at this age. Also, I have switched her to whole milk in a sippy cup and the Avent magic cups leak horribly. I would like to find one with a lid that does not leak. If anyone knows of what...


4 Month Old Teething

Hello, My four Month old daughter seems to be teething, all she wants to do...