Dish Washer

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Dish Washer

E.B. asks from Kansas City

We are getting ready to buy a new dish washer and I was wondering if you all have had any brands that you hate or that you. I do not want to have to buy another one f...


Advice on New Washer and Dishwasher

D.T. asks from New York

We are in the process of shopping for a new washer as well as a new dishwasher. I am considering a Whirlpool Steam Duet front-loader for clothes. As for the dishwas...



D.P. asks from Sacramento

Has anyone dealt with their dishwasher not drying very well? Lately whenever I go to unload the dishes they are still pretty wet. It's irritating because I usually ...


Dish Washer

J.P. asks from Buffalo

Hi! Does anyone have a dishwasher that they really love? I want a washer where I don't have to wash my dishes before I put them in. I only want to have to scrape off ...


Regular Dish Soap in Dish Washer?

G.R. asks from San Diego

I have some princess house crystal that has been in my garage forever. Not dirty with food but just dusty with cardboard dust. Some of it isn't dishwasher safe. I am ...


Do You Use Your Dishwasher?

K.L. asks from Sacramento

I use my dishwasher, only as a dry rack. I fully handwash all my dishes, and stack them in the washer to dry. I hate, hate, hate running my dishwasher! No matter how ...


Dishwasher Help...

J.G. asks from Boca Raton

I was wondering if anyone knew about a dishwashing soap that doesnt leave a residue. I use bottle for my daughter and when I wash them in the dishwasher they seem to ...


Dishwasher Soap

S.P. asks from Dallas

Ladies: Can you please make a recomendation of a Dishwasher Soap that actually cleans without leaving food reidue. We just bought a new dishwasher so the dishwashe...


Dishwasher Problem

B.F. asks from Denver

Does anyone know what to do when your dishwasher leaves a few random bowls dirty? It happens almost every load and I have no idea how to fix it or what's wrong. Any...


Cleaning Dishwasher

M.W. asks from Indianapolis

Hello everyone, I have two children so needless to say my dishwasher gets alot of use. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to clean one?