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Updated on October 12, 2010
E.M. asks from Needles, CA
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so ive always had a big chest. now after having two kids i went from a size d or dd to f or g. I noticed in the mirror today that i might be forming a hunch in my back. I've never had super bad back pains. The huch worries me for one main reason. im only 20. I've been in a size D or higher since ninth grade. Is there anything out there that can correct the problem and would breast reduction help? I do not have a regular doctor nor can i find one within three hour of where i live that will take my insurance which is why im asking other moms first before commiting myself to something that will be a big financial toll.

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answers from Phoenix on

My son had a hunch in his back that was corrected by a chiropractor. I hope this helps. Good luck to you!

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answers from Redding on

I have a friend who had a breast reduction because of her extremely large breasts. She was older and absolutely done having children so I don't know if your age or having more babies would affect anything when it comes to that.
What type of insurance do you have? You can contact your insurance carrier and ask for what is called an out of network referral if indeed the nearest network provider is 3 hours away. If you can get it documented that the procedure is medically necessary, the insurance is likely to pay, at least the same as they would pay for any other medically necessary surgical procedure.
Definitely see someone who can help you with your posture and exercises to keep your upper back strong and flexible. Of course a very good and supportive bra is really, really important. My friend had a brace thing that she wore. It's not as bad as it went under her breasts and criss crossed in the back to help keep her shoulders back and straight. It was sort of like an extra bra without the cups. Anyway, that provided some relief for a while. She ultimately had the surgery, her insurance covered it and she never regretted it. It was painful, to be sure, but compared to the years of back pain and other problems, it was minimal.
You need to start with a medical consultation and go from there.

Best wishes!

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answers from Chicago on

I once worked with a woman that had back problems due to her size. She had to have the doc prove she needed the reduction. Her straps dug into her shoulders, causing deep marks and really bad posture and sore back. She did have problems (I think an infection) but was glad she did it. She also had family support and her fiance to help. I think that makes a big difference in how well and fast you are able to heal.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Hi E....I had Reduction Mammoplasty (Breast Reduction) when I was 18 year old...I am now 52!!! (My plastic surgeon said I was the youngest person he'd ever done the surgery on), however, he thought it was great that I was doing it that young, because he said most women put up with large breasts most of their lives until they're older then finally decide to have them reduced. It was the absolute BEST decision I have ever made in my whole life...honestly!!! I was an E and the doctor made me to be an C cup size. I thought I wanted to be smaller than that but he said once i "grew up" that I would appreciate being a C cup...which I can honestly say now after all these years that I am glad that I am a 34 C...and have kept that size all these years! As for nursing a child, well, I have four children (which includes one set of twins...but they're all grown now) and I did try nursing all of them. However, when I had the surgery, they removed so many milk glands and fat, that there just wasn't a large supply of milk. There was milk, just not enough to nurse exclusively, so I had to supplement with formula. But, that was ok, because I was so happy with smaller breasts. When I got pregnant though, my breasts got really huge and I worried that they would not get back small again...but not to worry, once I lost my baby weight (within the first 2 - 3 weeks), they began to get smaller, but NOT back to my 34 C size until I was completely done nursing and dried up. I was under my mom's insurance at the time and so it was paid for all except about $7 or $8 hundred dollars. Now-a-days, they have the surgery much more perfected....(I had 300 stitches) and I have talked with and encouraged many women to have the surgery, which they have done including my sister, my sister-in-law and several friends/co-workers etc. There isn't anyone who has gone through with it that didn't absolutely love the results once they were completely healed. I'd go through it all over again if I had to! Send me a message if you want to know more. Good luck.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I have a friend that went from F or H size down to a C and she says she feels better than ever. No more pains and actually @ 40ish she actually feels younger than ever. No regrets at all. Your young and if you do it now I think you would recoupe quicker. Good Luck.



answers from Seattle on

I feel your pain! Literally! Since having my twins I have escalated to a DDD and it is a nuisance. I hate wearing girl clothes because they don't fit right.

Anyways...I honestly think breast reduction is your best option..but of course..if you want more kids breastfeeding may be more difficult. I think the first thing you need to do is get fitted (I mean actually measured at a specialed bra store, I believe Victorias Secret does it) to see exactly what size you are. chances are you will need a custom made bra. and i doubt it will be all cutesy..but they dont make many pretty bras for us bigger chested gals. however, until you make a final decision on the breast reduction, i think it will definitely help with having less back pain and more support.
good luck!!



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi there,
I can really relate. I was in 8th grade wearing a 34DD. I was about 130 5'5 and a size 7. I was really busty. I hated it. I am currently 42 years old and have 2 children that I nursed for apprx. 1 year each. I encountered sever back pain deep bra strap gashes and rash under my bra beneath my breast. I would get real bad headaches starting in my neck area. I thought it was our mattress and had my husband purchase 2 mattresses because I thought it was the mattresses. Finally, I went to the doctor and discovered or should I say realized it my breasts. I was at a size 38DD/F weighing 175. I decided to have a breast reduction and I must say it was the best decision I had made. I am currently a size 36D and weigh 165 and am very happy. I still have a decent bust size and feel that is the appropriate size for my body structure and frame. I can actually buy button up shirts/dresses and jackets/coats that actually can be worn buttoned and closed. Prior to having my breast reduction would never wear a 2 piece bathing suit, one reason being couldn't find one large enough and sexy enough. I can actually buy a sexy bra not sling shot's anymore. Don't have that problem anymore. My husband loves it, although he never complained about my large breasts. What man would complain! I felt so abnormal and wanted to hide my big boobs all the time. I currently feel confident and proud of my reduced breasts. I have Kaiser Insurance and they actually paid for my reduction. We did not have to pay one cent. I did have to go to a class for the procedure and met with the Dr. on a regular basis for approximately 1 year so he could monitor my weight so that it did not fluctuate and of course to ensure the reduction was not only for cosmetic reasons and was for true medical reasons. In addition I lost 10 pounds and am very satisfied. With the reduction I think I automatically looked thinner. It took about 2 years to actually see the permanent results.
E. S. from Montclair, CA



answers from Honolulu on

I can relate to your story, only I had a breast reduction before having children. I was a DD and only 5' tall, 110 lbs. I didn't have consistent back/shoulder pain, but had slight grooves in my shoulders from bra straps and couldn't stand in line for any length of time without pain. Having a breast reduction is one of the best decisions I ever made. The recovery isn't easy, but the life-lasting rewards are great. I had the 'work' done when I was 27 and I'm 42 now. I've had 2 kids and my chest is still the same post-reduction size (34b). My plastic surgeon was able to convince my insurance to cover the surgery 100% because of the quality of life issues. Best of luck to you!


answers from Washington DC on

I know many people who've had reductions. Not one of them ever regretted the decision and their posture improved immensely!



answers from Syracuse on

my daughter had same issues---finally had breast reduction and couldn't be happier------she did it at 23,before her wedding----her posture is still a bit hunched over from all the years standing that way.......good luck



answers from San Diego on

Everyone that I know who has had the surgery is extremely pleased with it. I hope you can find a Dr. closer and find a way to make it work for you.

Good Luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

Mine are large, but not that large (C-DD, but I'm only five feet tall), but I have still had back pains. I noticed if I do lat pulls about twice a week it goes away. Our trainer at work (she does a lunchtime boot camp class twice a week for us) has rather large ones, too, so she incorporates moves to strengthen the back and the chest.



answers from Las Vegas on

I have similar problems and experience back pains and horrible posture. I found a torture device at Walgreens in the 'as seen on tv' isle. I'm not sure what it's name is but it looks like a bra with no cups and has a full back to keep your shoulders up. You wear it over your own bra and it gives you extra support for your girls and pulls them to your chest without smashing them. It puts less pressure on the shoulders and distributes it to the stronger part of your back.


answers from Austin on

We have a cousin who had the surgery a long time ago when she was 16. Her breast were so large she had severe back pain. She is now 50 with 2 children . She said she has never had one regret.

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