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Medela Bottles Your Experience.

Hi Ladies! I am buying a Medela breast pump and want to buy the bottles to match. The Medela bottles are pretty much the most expensive ones I will ever buy, but they seem kinda flimsy. Do you have experience with them? The plastic seems pretty thin. I wonder how they hold up in the dishwasher and over time. Any experience is greatly appreciated.


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Replacing Old Nipples?

My sitter attributes a leaky bottle to old nipples. What's the general lifespan of nipples? Does it change based on type? Does it change based on how you wash it (dishwasher vs. handwashing)? My daughter uses the Soothie silicone nipple. Since she's outgrowing her Medela bottles, I was going to switch to larger Born Free bottles. Or, is my sitter mistaken?


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I am so fed up! It seems that all of my dark shirts have spots on them, I am...

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What Medela Spare Parts to Buy?

I am moving overseas and want to buy spare parts for my Medela InStyle pump just in case I need them and they aren't available for sale in my new country. Any advice on "commonly replaced" parts? For example, I can see if the shields don't need replacing that often, but maybe the membranes do. Thx