Major Purchases: Babies 'R' Us

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Which "Travel System" to Purchase for My Newborn?

I did go to Babies R Us and try out the Eddie Bauer Travel System-Preston. I wanted to find out which brand you would recommend. I want something that is EASY to put into the car as well as good to start off with a newborn. I have read reviews on both Babies R Us and Target for travel systems. Now I am confused.


Big Boy Car Seat

I am starting my search on purchasing the front facing car seat for my 9...


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Help! My Son Has Figured Out How to Turn on the Dishwasher

Hi Moms - I hope one of you has been through this and can give me something. My son has figured out how to lock the dishwasher and turn the dial to on. Yikes. My dishwasher is one of the first things you see when you walk in my house because of the layout and I really don't want to keep tape on it to stop him (plus I know he will figure out how to peel the tape off pretty soon). He is 13 months and although will stop if I catch him, heads right for it every time I'm not looking. I can't have the dishwasher running all the time. I...


What Cleaners to Buy?

I was told that all of my cleaning products were toxic &I needed to purchase...

Vacation & Travel

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Family Vacation Ideas

We have never taken a family vacation. We would like to this year. Our kids are Boy 10, Girl 6 and Boy 2. What are your favorite spots? We aer open to flying or driving. We are centrally located (KS) so any tips you could provide, things that did or didn't work for you. If we fly, what did you do about a car seat for the rental when you got there? Thanks!


Air Travel with Kids

Hello we will be going on our first family vacation via airplane. One will...


Travel Car Seat

My husband and I will be traveling with a 2 and 4 year old on an airplane...