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New Stove!

D.S. asks from Kansas City

Hey mamas! After thinking that my life was boring and nothing new was going on, my stove decided to mix things up and knock out another burner this morning. I was ...


Poll: Do You Have an Electric or Gas Stove?

N.N. asks from Detroit

Hello Mama's Just curious as to which one use and Love. I have used an electric stove for as long as I can remember.


Gas Vs. Electric Oven

B.P. asks from Washington DC

Here's the deal. Right now I have a gas oven (and stove) and I absolutely hate the oven. It is the only gas oven I've ever used. It came with the house when we bou...


Rust on Stove

K.N. asks from Pittsburgh

Good Morning Moms!!! You all have helped so many people so i thought i would give it a shot. We own a house and our tenant before she moved out put easy off on top o...


Stove Guards

S.Y. asks from Pittsburgh

The only stove guards I can find are the ones made by Prince Lionheart which get pretty bad reviews. I am worried about my toddler reaching up and grabbing the stovet...


Oven Cleaner

J.S. asks from Minneapolis

Hi ladies, SO, this is kind of embarrassing, I have not cleaned my oven in years. It is disgusting. I was going to run the self clean option, but there was so mu...


Oven Trouble

R.D. asks from Lancaster

I have a rental home with a oven and stove provided. Unfortunately, it is a HUGE mess. I have looked at oven cleaners and they say "not by the heating element." These...


Kitchen Stove

M.M. asks from Fresno

So I'm doing some work in my kitchen and was wondering if anyone knows more about this than I. I would like to build a cabinet with a drawer that is about 10-12in. hi...


Broken Oven

M.M. asks from Dallas

does anyone know who i should call to fix my oven? it is not heating. i appreciate the help!


Convection Oven?

A.E. asks from Salt Lake City

Hey moms I need to replace my oven range. I'm looking to buy a Maytag oven range with a smooth top but I can't decide if it is worth it to upgrade to the oven that h...