Piggy Backing Accidents Question - How Many Speeding Tickets Have You Got?

Updated on December 17, 2011
C.O. asks from Reston, VA
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I liked the accident question. got me to thinking about how many tickets....

I got tickets when I first years of driving - it was NOT funny - probably about 2 a year...friends called me "Lead foot" - my dad threatened to take my car and license away...or I would have to pay my own insurance....YIKES!!!

Then I got my biggest speeding ticket in Germany - 187 in a 100 zone - that was with 10% tolerance so more like 220 in 100 zone (yes, KPH) so 130 - 150 in a 60 mile an hour zone...lost my license for 30 days and fined 500 DM...there was a stau - I was taking my girlfriend to the airport and traffic was sitting (if you have lived in Europe you will know what I mean)...I wrote the judge a letter, gave my girlfriends itinerary and my gas receipt (to show that I left the base in PLENTY of time) telling him that in my 6 years in Europe I had never received ANY citations, please be lenient....he was. whew!!! Normally that's a 6 month suspension and 5000 DM fine!! YIKES!!!

I got a speeding ticket here in Reston 18 months ago. That was my first since my ticket in Germany - so 14 years....this one pissed me off...I was doing 29 in a 25. SERIOUSLY!!! And i was coming down a hill slowing down!!! URGH!!

So....how many speeding tickets do you have and what was your worst?

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So What Happened?

@Toni - I did fight and win the miserly ticket. even the judge rolled his eyes.

Bug - you can blame me!!

Candice - your husband is a police officer!!!

Michelle - you are not a kill joy - for me it's NOT about getting there faster or saving me time. I like the feeling....I guess I should've been a race car driver.

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answers from Houston on

Never had one, the only time I have been pulled over was the tag was expired but I wasn't driving my car so that doesn't count!

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answers from Lakeland on

I have been driving for 24 years (HOLY COW!!!) and I have never gotten a speeding ticket. I try to stay around the limit, there are times when I am over like 5 to 10 mph but thats it.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

O. in my life--about 18 years ago.
Was rushing to see a friend in the hospital. About 60 in a 25 zone... That = LOTS of moolah....even back then. And points.

My family's personal best streak? My oldest brother got THREE tickets in O. WEEK in the SAME PLACE on the way to work. Duh! Rats learn faster than that!

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answers from Seattle on

3. And not one during my speeding years. All three were in the same week, and were about 6 months after I "quit" speeding. One, I thought the (unmarked) cop was my stalker-with-a-shotgun-ex and was actually on 911 trying to get a cop out there. I was blowing through red lights and doing ebrake stops trying to get away from this guy. He FINALLY turns lights and sirens on, pulls me over, is partway through writing the ticket, and gets a call about a domestic disturbance/ high speed chase nearby. Since my ex had several warrants out for not just putting a shotgun in my face, but shooting at the police... I get the ticket practically thrown at me and he goes speeding off to try and find this guy. Um. Dude. They're talking about US (but I was crying too hard to say anything). ANYHOW... he'd only gotten done writing the speeding part of the ticket... and I didn't get my license or insurance info back. He was like a slingshot out of there heading back the way we'd come.

My personal favorite, though, is a 63 in a 60. REALLY??? Then he says maybe we can have coffee after the courtdate.

Refer to paragraph 1 to see my general state about dating anyone. I mailed that ticket in.

Such a bad week.


I have only been let off ONCE when pulled over. I always got the "I know you're probably used to being let off..." ((WTH???)). For such interesting things as "my blinker flickering" (ummm... isn't that what it's SUPPOSED to do?), following too closely in rush hour traffic on the golden gate bridge (my speedometer wasn't even registering, we were craaaawling. I think it was the out of state plates), "suspicious behavior" (apparently in the northwest one does NOT touch the brim of their cap and nod when they see an officer, but it's a sign of respect in most places in the country I've lived), I've even gotten a ticket for NON-negligent driving (although to be fair, that's because it was so patently the other person's fault that the officers wanted to make sure that the other person was held to blame... I had that one framed for a long time... because the court held me to blame, despite 3 officers testifying that it was the other person's fault, gotta love Nawlin's legal system, it's uniquie, I'll give it that!).

I realized last year that I hadn't been pulled over in 5 or more years (shock). Why? Because on my 30th bday I went to a bar and got carded, and found out that when I'd renewed my license / changed my name they HADN'T renewed it. I'd been driving without a license (and using it ALL the time for legal purposes).

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answers from Tulsa on

Actual speeding tickets...four. Worst was 97 in a 55 when I passed an unmarked police car. Judge was very lenient on that one. Normally that is a reckless driving ticket, which is a major violation and huge fine. Now, I've talked down speeding tickets into civil ordinance violations and warnings. I've gotten pulled over probably 25 times. I always ask for a warning first and you'd be surprised how many times the cops will do it, no questions asked. If they say no to a warning, then I ask for the ordinance violation. Those don't go on your record down here and the fine is a lot cheaper.

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answers from New York on

i can speed and have done so, but in all my years of driving i have never gotten a ticket. not that i didn't deserve one at times but never have been caught. knock on wood.

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answers from Chicago on

Never had one, not a speeder, go maybe 5 over.....my brother used to work in traffic court as a prosecuter, maybe thats why :)

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answers from Philadelphia on

I've had one "speeding" ticket. I was in a school zone, but didn't realize it because I turned on to that road between the signs. I really didn't have a clue. Anyway, a couple of weeks later I got a ticket in the mail along with a photo of me driving my minivan at the crazy breakneck speed of...25mph in a 15mph zone. Seriously, I could jog faster than that. But I was at fault, so I paid the ticket and was done with it.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Been driving for 28 years... and I think I have had 2 speeding tickets. One, in college, coming home from a weekend at my parents... lonely stretch of I-16, late at night, 3 hours still from home, a car passed me with plates from where I was going. I noted they had a radar mounted, and tagged along behind them. State trooper skipped them, but pulled me over. I think I was doing about 92, but he only wrote the ticket for something in the 70's range.... he didn't want to take my license. I was obviously an out of state college kid. But I did have to send in the $$.

The other one was after I had been at a daytime Christmas party (at a bar--it was the bar employee Christmas party, so the liquor had really been flowing). I was young and dumb. MAYBE 22. Should have been busted on a DUI. I passed the police man! (I was only speeding my 10 mph, but still). Gave me a speeding ticket. I took it to my boss the following Monday--he was an attorney. Pled me out and paid court costs only. No points/no conviction.
I have been pulled over since twice. Once, I made an illegal U-turn right in front of a cop. I did NOT see the sign, and I was LOOKING for it. I was in a rental car and told the cop that I had THOUGHT that was a no U-turn location, but I LOOKED for a sign and didn't see one. He just wrote me a warning. The second warning came when I was late to get my daughter to her piano lesson. On a Saturday morning around 10 a.m. I was pushing 80 on a narrow 2 lane blacktop in a very rural area with nothing directly on the highway (no homes or intersecting roads). County cop turned around from where he was parked and came back for me. I apologized, said I was late for the piano lesson and would slow down. He wrote me a warning after glancing in the back at my daughter.
The same county cop came to the scene of where my husband was hit head-on by an uninsured driver about a year later. He doubtless didn't remember me, or my vehicle (I drove to the scene to pick up my husband), but was one of the nicest and thorough guys there.

I usually don't speed excessively. I don't just blow past other drivers. But the majority of my driving is done on a 3 lane interstate, and the speed limit is 70. So I typically average around 75. Sometimes more if I want to get past a semi instead of riding steady with it for 5 minutes to eventually get all the way past.

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answers from Kansas City on

i have had two. one was because i was too slow noticing the school zone sign - 32 in a 25. that was back in college, probably close to 15 years ago. the other was because this person in a car just like my toxic psycho aunt kept slowing down and speeding up on a 2 lane highway so i went to pass them (it wasn't her, this was halfway across the country from her, it just p***ed me off!) and i had to speed to pass them (and then get some distance between us), when before they were going 10 mph under the speed limit. live and learn...haven't had one since and that was almost 10 years ago!

great now you've jinxed me :P lol!

oh come on ladies! pony up! out of four answers, three never had a ticket? that's completely unrealistic! where is everyone else??

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answers from San Francisco on

I have been driving for 25 years and I have never gotten a ticket. I tend to drive like an old lady despite my young age (wink). I'm just not in a hurry to be anywhere. Nothing is so important that I need to speed that much to get there. Speeding only saves a couple of minutes. Is risking your life or the life of your loved ones worth a couple extra minutes? I couldn't live with myself if I killed or hurt someone because of my driving. Sorry to be a killjoy, but that's the reality folks.

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answers from Chicago on

Never. I typically do not speed but have been lucky on the times that I do.

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answers from Roanoke on

How many have I gotten? ZERO. How many do I probably deserve? 46.

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answers from San Francisco on

I haven't gotten any tickets--knock on wood!!! :) I have gotten stopped a few times but both times the officer was incredibly stupid and wanted to argue with me about my seatbelt. They thought I didn't have it on- I did and they came up and realized that I had it on the whole time---the officer said " Oh, I just wanted to make sure you were wearing it. " I'm like -thanks. Yes, I always do. Both times were from the SAME officer. It was creepier the second time!


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answers from Dallas on

Never. For the past several years, I only go 5 over at the most. Speeding doesn't usually get you (I mean you in the general sense) much faster. I have been pulled over a few times, but that was years ago. I wasn't speeding by much and only got a warning, since I had a clean history.

If I get a ticket next week, I'm personally blaming you for jinxing me!!

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answers from Tulsa on

I have been pulled over 7 times and given 3 tickets for going 8 over in a 35 plus one for a broken brake light that had been fixed the day before by the oil change guy who obviously didn't fix it right.
The other 4 times I was sent away with a warning. I never cried. I was polite and said "After I saw you, I looked and realized I was going about 5 miles over. I am in no rush and it is totally my fault. I deserve the ticket."
My husband tried this twice and got the ticket. LOL

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answers from San Francisco on

29 MPH in a 25 MPH zone....I would have fought that one.


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answers from Los Angeles on

I know I'm going to ruin my lucky streak, but I have never had one. I tend to drive 5 to 10 miles/hour over the speed limit and manage to see the smokies before they catch me ;) hee, hee! I can't believe you got a ticket for going only 4 miles over the speed, WTH?

Easy does it lead foot, LOL!

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answers from San Diego on

Wow...I'd cry if I had a speeding ticket. I have never had one.

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answers from Detroit on

None, they cant ever catch me! ;) Too fast!

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answers from Phoenix on

I've only had 1 speeding ticket, not long after I started driving. I have been stopped a few other times but was given warnings. ;)

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answers from San Antonio on

In High School I was working on one ticket a year, same into college. Now, I am much better! I got pulled over a little over a year ago going 55 in a 35 (it's a road that just screams "Go faster! You're the only one on the road!") Due to reasons that make Texas a wonderful state, I got a warning. The warning ticket said "Over" where the police man should have written "55." He likely would have gotten in trouble for NOT giving me a ticket if he'd shown I was going 20 over the limit.

So my total -- I'm 31 - and I've probably recieved 7 or 8 tickets.

My first one - wasn't speeding. It was for "avoiding an intersection." My husband got a ticket yesterday for not moving over far enough away from a 'stationary emergency vehicle' (ie, a cop pulled over some other car, my husband didn't change lanes to get as far away from the shoulder as possible....so the cop chased him down and gave him a ticket). Talk about LAME!

added: My dad got pulled over on the Autobaun back in the early 90s. The police officers took all the cash he had on him and let him go.

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answers from Seattle on

I've never gotten a ticket for anything. Have I don things where I should've been given one? Sure. Have I ever been pulled over for anything? Nope. I'm a relatively good driver and generally do not do things to break the law however have made a few mistakes of course.

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answers from Tucson on

I think i've gotten maybe 3 in the 16 years i've been driving. Not too bad i think. I just got one in October. I cried like a baby, because i was actually thinking ooh i'm going to have some money for Chistmas presents because my electirc bill was low then i see a cop telling me to pull over. And there went my kids christmas presents.
I also got a running red light one from a stupid camera in March.
I know it was my fault and he was very nice.

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answers from Washington DC on

I have never ever had a speeding ticket in my 14 years of driving

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