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Questions About Breast Pumps

I have a lot of questions about breat pumps. I will have to return to work about 6 weeks after having my baby so I will need to pump my breastmilk. I have heard that the Medela and Ameda pumps are good. Also heard that the Lasinoh is comparible to the Ameda. Any thoughts? Do most pumps come in standard sizes so any bottle can attach to it? Also anybody know how often I will need to pump? Obviously, there's a lot I don't know about pumping!

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Breast Pump - Madela or Ameda

I am duei 10 weeks adlookig at the option of breast pump. I will go back to work in 6 weeks. Wha sis you love or not aout the pump. I m not considering anyother brand - ust amon the two. Thank You fr the tip. Any suggestion onhow to get milk supply going!!


Which One to Buy?

I have 3 boys--17, 10, 8--but never breast fed any of them. I am expecting...


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Get over It??

I'm considering renting a breast pump instead of buying one. However, I have to admit I'm not completely comfortable with the idea of using a pump that has been used by others - of course I'm aware they are sanitized. My thoughts against outright buying are that I'm not planning on having any more children, renting may be cheaper depending on how my milk production fairs this time around, etc. Any insight on renting vs buying a pump? I breastfed my first one for 10 months and used a hand-held pump, but production slowed in the middle of...


Safe Baby Bottles?

I'm having my first baby in May and am planning on breastfeeding, but still...


Best Breast Pump

Hello ladies! I am looking for a good breast pump and need some good...


Buying a House

I just entered into the "wonderful" experience of buying our first house. I...