Major Purchases: Teddy Bears

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Ways to Store Large Baby Items

Ok Moms. I am a very organized person, so maybe I am overthinking this. But I wanted to know if you have any good ideas on how to store the big baby items (swing, car seat, bouncy seats, exersaucer, etc) so they don't get dirty, dusty and ruined by the time you want to use them for the next baby a few years down the road. Unfortunatly I don't have a lot of storage in the house, so they will be stored in the garage. Please let me know what has worked for you. Thanks.


Baby Shower Favors

I am hosting my SIL's baby shower and need some ideas for favors. I do not...


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Tough Potty Training!

My daughter Sofia is 3 1/2 yrs.old and she is extremely resistant to even sitting on any kind of potty big small or otherwise. She screams like we are ripping her arms and legs off anytime we try to get her to sit on the potty. We started out encouraging her to sit on her own but it was pure novelty to her. Now that we are trying to get more serious with her using it, she won't even sit on it at all without any kind of force. She has gone pee three times and pooh once(in the last three months) and knows how to do it. But, now has no...