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Gum in My Dryer

S.M. asks from Roanoke

A pack of gum got left in a pocket and went through the washer and dryer. Anyone know how to get the melted gum out of the dryer? Thanks.


Smelly Dryer?

S. asks from Denver

My dryer has recently taken on a weird odor! I wash our clothes and throw them into the dryer with a dryer sheet and they come out with a stinky smell. I have clean...


How to remove crayon stain in dryer and clothes?

A.S. asks from Denver

Please help my 7 year old left a black crayon in his pocket and the entire load that was dried with the jeans is covered in black marks and there is a chunk of crayon...


Dryer Needed

S.P. asks from Billings

Hello ladies, I have a request for you. My dryer is about to die. (Clothes dryer) We don't have the money to buy a new dryer. If anyone has one that they want to get ...


Electric Dryer

T. asks from Chicago

We are looking to put in a washer/dryer unit in a main floor closet, that does not have a hook up in place. This is for my mom who has trouble going up and down stai...


Washer and Dryer

A.D. asks from Louisville

We are moving in 1 week and we are gonna be storing our washer and dryer. Is there anything I should do before we move to prepare them for storage? Thanks for the help.


Washer and Dryer

A.C. asks from Chicago

Hello, I am looking for recommendations for a new washer and dryer. I have the Maytag Neptune and it has been nothing but trouble over the years. Thanks!!


Ink in Dryer

A.A. asks from San Diego

Hi mamas, Does anyone know how to remove pen ink from the inside of a dryer? We had a black ball point pen explosion! Uhhhggggggg.


Washer and Dryer

A.H. asks from Dallas

We are thinking about replacing our washer and dryer. We are thinking about getting a front loading washer....Any have any opinions? What brand? Thanks!