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Should I Buy the Car Seat Adaptor?

I'm due with baby #2 in a couple of weeks. We purchased the Bob Revolution Duallie stroller to use with both our 2 year-old and the new baby. I'd like to begin walking a week or 2 after the new baby comes (provided no c-section, etc.), but she can't be in the stroller without additional head/neck support until after 8 weeks. After that she could lie in the reclined position with the 5-point harness on. Anyway I'd rather use her car seat in the stroller instead, for longer than 8 weeks anyway as I feel she'd be safer in there. But the...


Moby or Maya?

I am expecting baby #2 in early August. I'm definitely into baby wearing...

Vacation & Travel

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Car Seat for Airplane Travel

My daughter is 11 months old and we are looking for another convertible car seat for my husbands car (we have a Cosco Alpha Omega Elite as our primary for my car), but one that also will be able to be used on an airplane (we will be taking a trip in a few months). I know we have to look for one that is "approved for air travel", but is there one that would be universal that would work on any airline or does it really depend on the airline and the width of their seats? Also, we really would prefer not to pay more than $100 since we...


Air Travel Tips

Hi there, my son will be 14 months when we will be travelling 11 hours...