Vacuum Cleaner

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Vacuum Cleaner

P.S. asks from Austin

Does anyone have a vacuum cleaner you just love?


Vacuum Cleaner

L.D. asks from Columbus

Can you recommend a good vacuum cleaner? I thought I might like the bagless type but I'm not stuck on anything. I'm moving to a house that has carpet and I have neve...


Vacuum Cleaner

N.K. asks from Chicago

My vacuum cleaner broke! I've wanted a dyson for years, but it's way too much to spend right now. Does anyone have a suggestion for one that they are happy with? How...


Vacuum Cleaner

T. asks from Detroit

I have 2 dogs and am looking for a good vacuum that sucks up dog hair well and doesn't smell like dog after using it a few times. I saw there is a Eureka I believe t...


Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.... Do You Have One?

L.C. asks from Raleigh

Interested in getting a robotic vacuum cleaner, if you have one please share . And if you would reccomend it or not.Tia :)


Inexpensive Vacuum Cleaner Suggestions

C.M. asks from Chicago

I guess we seem to be pretty h*** o* vacuum cleaners so I'm always afraid to invest in a really expensive one. I am looking for the best vacuum cleaner that is under...


Vacuum Cleaner Recommendation

C.F. asks from Dallas

I'm looking to get a new vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. What are your suggestions? Also, I know they are expensive...any tips on how to get a good deal?


Vacuum Cleaner??

S.W. asks from Detroit

Good Morning Ladies, I DESPISE my Hoover vaccum cleaner and desperately want to upgrade with my tax refund. I have two friends who swear by theirs. The trouble?? ...


Need Recommendations for Vacuum Cleaner!

L.W. asks from Detroit

Our vacuum cleaner died. In a way, I am happy because I hated it anyway (maybe it knew?). In any case, I need recommendations for a vacuum cleaner that would be eff...


Do You Own a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner? Is It Worth The $$?

K.N. asks from Harrisburg

I am thinking about buying a dyson vacuum cleaner. I hear they are the best, but they're so expensive. Do you own one and do you think it's worth the money? Also I'...