Seeking Fun Holiday Christmas Cookie Recipes

Updated on December 10, 2009
R.V. asks from Phoenix, AZ
8 answers

Hello! This is one of the first years my kids are old enough to help make cookies, does anyone know of any fun recipes online anywhere?

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My kids love to make sandwiches with peanut butter and saltines so here is a fun recipe:

April Fool Cookies

6 ounces milk chocolate chips
1/4 bar (1 ounce) paraffin
1 small jar peanut butter
20 saltine soda crackers

Spread peanut butter between two saltines. Using tongs, dip into melted chocolate and paraffin and cover all. Set on wax paper. To harden faster, put into refrigerator.

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Go to or more specifically . They have tons of really yummy looking recipes there. I'm going to make candy cane cookies this year. The website has fun things to do for the kids, too. :)



answers from Las Cruces on

Try looking up cherry ice-box cookies. they are my favorite!



answers from Tucson on

The best recipes I ever get are from my friends! My mom's group just did a cookie exchange play date! We all made one type of cookie and brought enough for each person to have 10 and the recipe! Try that! That way you get to try them before you make them!



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Easiest and most fun thing to do is either make or buy sugar cookies to roll out and cut into Christmas shapes to put icing on and decorate with sprinkles! I did that with my mom every year and I do it with my kids every year.
I cheat, I buy the sugar cookie dough - the kind that comes in tube, and roll it out. I bought a HUGE box of cookie cutters at WalMart (for every occasion) for less than $10. You can buy white icing and add food coloring (I use red, green and white). Or you can find simple icing recipes online (my mom makes her icing with (GASP) shortening). And we use red and green sugar sprinkles, the little multicolored balls, silver balls - whatever you like.
It's so much fun for the kids! They LOVE it!



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My 6 year old made these pinwheel cookies w/ me last year. Great fun!
This website has many great ideas for kid friendly recipes and crafts.

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