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Seeking Input on Purchase of a Double Jogging Stroller

I am looking to purchase a double jogging stroller for my 2 1/2 yr old (35 inches and 31 lbs)and 2 month old within the next few weeks. I would love to hear what double jogging stollers other moms have liked or would warn against. I'm not a serious jogger- would be using it for daily walking and don't need all the bells and whistles, but something of decent quality. What features and have you mothers found most important? Which brands should be avoided?

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Need Opinion on Which Double Jogging Stroller to Buy

I am in the market for a double jogging stroller or all-terrain stroller. I have a single one currently and am going to try and sell it. I have 2 young kids. One 2 yr old girl, and a 3 month old boy. I have been reading the reviews of customers of the ones I like and it is hard to decide. I want to pay $150-$200. The ones I like are the Baby Trend Expedition, In Step Safari and the Schwinn Free Wheeler. Does any one have one of these and what do you recommend? I will rarely use it for running, mainly walking Town Lake and Brushy Creek and...