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?For Anyone Whos Done a Babies R Us Registry

so i created a registry online just now for babies r us .. im not going to put anything on it just yet.. my fiance is pretty excited to go tomorrow since he has a day off.. so tomorrow we're gna go and im going to bascially let him go crazy and do what he wants.. and take all of your wonderful suggestions from my previous registry question and just fix it all online as time goes by and we see what we want/what we need.. im not sure when he will have another day off again so other than tomorrow we will probably do everything online.. but...


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Infant Swimming Lessons?

Hello ladies, I am not sure if you have all seen the video on You Tube or the Today Show a few months ago where Infant Swimming Resource was featured. They showed a video of an 11-month old baby falling into a swimming pool and rescuing himself by swimming up to the surface and flipping over on his back to float and breathe. It was the most incredible thing I've ever seen - and actually made me cry the first time I watched it! I tried to contact the company but found that the closest instructor was St. Louis. Well, I saw them at the...


Asking for Money

Ok, so I need your thoughts on this one. We were invited to an acquaintance...


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Babies R Us Photography

Does anyone have any experience with Babies R Us photographers in Lombard? I have a gift certificate and would like to try them out. Please let me know if it's worth the money. Thanks!


1 Year Old Pictures

I am looking for people's thoughts on a portrait studio. I have done all my...

Playing with Others

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Need Baby Room Furniture Advice

Everyone was very helpful the last time I posted a question on here, so I thought I would ask another one. My husband and I are looking at furniture for the baby room - namely a crib and dresser/changing table. We came very close to buying at Babies R Us, and then starting getting worried on if the quality and if the furniture will hold up. Others that I work with have spent several thousand dollars on furniture at high-end stores, and so I wonder if I'm going to regret going a cheaper route. I know that I can see reviews of the...