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Updated on July 07, 2010
D.S. asks from Langhorne, PA
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I am expecting my first baby, and two of my friends took me to Babies-R-Us to create a registry. They spent a lot of time helping me pick out things I would need (but didn't know I would need).
Since the registry, I have had several problems with Babies-R-Us and their customer service. I would prefer not to do business here, and would like to change the registry to Target, which has better customer service as well as better prices. Is this insulting to my friends who spent time helping me at Babies-R-Us? I intend to replicate as many items as possible at Target.
Also, I think word has gotten out that I am registered at Babies-R-Us, how do I prevent the situation of someone driving to Babies-R-Us just to find out that I deleted the prior registry?
Or should I just get rid of the registry entirely? It seems greedy to me, but someone pointed out that people are going to buy presents anyway, and they would appreciate some guidance on what is needed/wanted.
Thanks for your thoughts.

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answers from Anchorage on

I agree with you that registries seem greedy or picky. I would just cancel the one and let people give gifts from the heart rather than dictate what I feel is a good gift. I have never registered, not even for my wedding, and I got fabulous and thoughtful gifts I probably never would have thought of!

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answers from Kansas City on

we registered at Target and Babies R Us. After you've done the target registry, take the duplicates off of your babies r us one and keep both.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

i registered at both because they each had different stuff i wanted. it isnt greedy, and it's so common no one would think anything of it and would probably be more surprised if you didnt have one. i wouldnt know what to buy for someone if they didnt have a registry and would probably end up getting clothes and while clothes are great to get, you need so many other things. Plus boh target and babiesrus give you a 10% off coupon for anything left on your registry after the expected arrival date (although the employees told me to use an earlier date so i could use it before the baby was born).



answers from Philadelphia on

Well I happen to agree with you that Babies R Us is absolutely terrible when it comes to customer service. I have had multiple bad experiences there. It makes me so mad that they are the only 'baby store' out there. Target has a lot online but I feel like there selection the store isn't as great. I don't think you're friends will be offended if you explain what happened. If you're still registering for all the stuff that they helped you pick out. I wouldn't be if it were my friend. As for word getting out that you registered at Babies R Us - did the invitation go out for you shower? I would just have whoever is making the invitations say that you registered at Target. If they already went out then you may be stuck with the Babies R US registry. I think the idea of a registry is great especially for a baby shower. It avoids duplicates and the hassle of having to return stuff everywhere when you're 8 months pregnant. I think people on the giving end appreciate them too so they know that you're getting something that you want and they don't have to think too hard about it.



answers from Philadelphia on

Just a hint, Baby Depot and Walmart have a smaller selection but much easier return policy than Babies R Us or Target!! Prices tend to run cheaper too.


answers from Allentown on

Hi, D.

First things first, You have a right to change your mind.
Secondly, why do you need a registry?

Just want to know.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I'm with you on BrUs... they are SO awful. They didn't used to be. When I had my first back in 2006 I absolutely loved it there. I went back in 2009 with a friend and they were AWFUL! All of their return policies and a few other details changed. We left and went to Target. Though, please keep in mind, Targets return policy is AWFUL. So if you don't have a receipt or it's not on your registry you can only return up to $70 a year. Wal-Mart has an EXCELLENT return policy and CS. I do like Target's selection better, but if you're looking for CS WalMart is the way to go.



answers from Scranton on

In your position I would tell my friends what happened. I would tell them how I don't want to do business with BRU because of it. Then if you think you need help at Target like you did at BRU I would ask if they would mind coming again to help and treat them to lunch.



answers from York on

I hated using BRU too, but it was the only game in town. Target has lots of online selection, but my family members aren't comfortable with doing online purchases. My cousin's registry had mostly stuff available only online and she got very few (really necessary) things at her shower. Make sure at least the really important items are carried in the store. I will say that when I find out someone is registered at BRU I groan and then get something a.s.a.p. often before the shower invite arrives. That's because I know to buy only during a sale and with their ever-present 20% off coupons. Check and see if anyone has purchased off that registry yet, maybe ask around too because BRU is notoriously bad at taking things off the registry. Why they don't ask every customer if they are buying a gift from a registry is beyond me! Don't even get me started on that place! Good luck whatever you decide!



answers from Erie on

First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! I was never really on board with the whole registry concept, but I was told by MANY people that I had to do it for our baby shower. I decided to register for a small number of things - some big ticket items for people who wanted to group together and buy something nice and useful and some small ticket items to cover the range of gift budgets. There were still plenty of people who purchased things that weren't on the registry, so don't worry at all about that - people will do what they want to do, but the registry can help them to at least see your nursery/color choices. One word of caution - a friend who included everything under the sun on her registry ended up getting lots of the "nice to have" stuff and didn't get some of the "need to have" stuff, so try to keep it small. You can always add things later, as many people will want to give gifts after the baby arrives (a reason to check your registries often to make sure things are removed once they're purchase) Make sure that whoever throws a shower knows that you want to downplay the registry part of the invitation (but I don't recommend excluding it altogether, because some people really rely on it), as there are many tasteful ways to mention it without making it seem like the shower is all about gifts... which they often are ;)

As for BrUs, I'm with you. I absolutely hate that chain, but they know they're the only game in town and that people tend to overspend for babies :0 I suggest that you leave a few things on the BrUs registry but move most to Target (I wish I had). Ask both of them about their policy for returning items that don't have a receipt, as you will certainly have this situation. Then, RELAX and enjoy all the preparations for your little one...



answers from Dallas on

Its your baby, you call the shots. I would speak to each friend individually that helped you register there and tell them how you feel about Babies R Us.
If I were you and felt that way, I would get rid of Babies R Us and just go with Target. There will be quite a few people who buy what they want and don't consult the registry anyway. Also, Target is cheaper than Babies R Us if thats any incentive to switch. If you are having a shower, make it known where your registry is on the invitations.


answers from Pittsburgh on

I would register at both - they both have horrible return policies. You never know which location is more convenient for the shopper. I would also keep both lists to a minimum - you won't have much time for returning/exchanging things :). Congrats!!



answers from Wichita on

I would just register at both places! You can never really have too many things! Even duplicates come in handy. I would just go to target and do your registry there and not worry about having two of the same thing. You will later see that duplicates are more of a blessing than anything lol.

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