Which Britax Carseat Is the Best?

Updated on October 01, 2009
K.C. asks from Saint Augustine, FL
13 answers

Hello! Thank you to everyone that helped with my last request. All of your recommendations have convinced me to buy a Britax car seat. Which one is the best? I am not sure I understand what the differences are between all the models. I have been doing the research, but I know nothing is better that advice from other moms who have used the products. I would appreciate any help.

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answers from Orlando on

I have two Britax Marathon for my sons and love, love, love them! Britax is also great on customer service. One of my straps got twisted after year and I sent it back for review/repair. They sent me back a brand new seat within the week.

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answers from Washington DC on

I would stay away from roundabout simply because it only goes to 40lbs, the rest go to 60+. I recommend going to babies R us and they will let you try them in your car. Britax keeps adding models with more features and more cost. I use marathon myself. The problem I have read about the more recent, more expensive ones can be their size. These things are huge! Make sure they fit your car first. For example, my hubby is very tall and needs the seat front seat to be able to recline a certain amount. We can't use the bigger models for that reason. Any one you get is a good choice, don't fret too much! Remember, What is the DOM of the seat you buy!

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answers from Gainesville on

If you go to the Britax website you can enter in your child's info and it will match you with the seats that fit your criteria and you can see the age ranges and such to help you get the absolute most bang for your buck! I love the two Britax seats I have my almost 5 year old and my 15 month old (who has been in hers since birth).



answers from Orlando on

I have the Marathon and really like it. My sister bought the top of the line model, but prefers the Marathon to the more expensive one.



answers from Chicago on

I have two Britax Marathon seats for my kids, and I totally love them. I wouldn't buy any other carseat.



answers from Tallahassee on

Hi, I responded before - you made a great choice in Britax! I recommend, and use, the Britax Boulevard. It has the additional head protection (you might call them wings) that the child can also use to lean against for in-car naps. No floppy little heads. :) This one may be a little more expensive than the rest if the pricing is the same when I bought mine, but if you're already going to spring for a Britax (and I commend you for that)then what's a few more dollars? You can get different colors, but I got the onyx one (black) because it was a lower price than the rest. You might consider going with a second (or third) choice color in order to save a few bucks. Happy shopping Mom, you've made the right choice. :)



answers from Tampa on

Most of the research I read pointed to the Boulevard or Boulevard CS. We went with the Boulevard as we felt the CS was a waste of money for us. Plus if your baby wears bulky clothing (i.e.: winter) then the CS technology does not work properly.



answers from Punta Gorda on

Hi there,

We have two Britax Marathons for our two girls. My 2 cents - if you plan to have more kids, make sure that your car will fit the seats! We have a Honda Civic and the two seats fit, and I can sit in back too, but it's a tight squeeze.

Once the baby is forward-facing in our car, there will be no room for a third in the back, because the Marathon is so "hippy" through the base.

Thought I'd bring this up because I've seen people buy a new car and then realize their kids' seats won't fit across the back. HTH!



answers from Miami on

they are all great but definitely look for one with the "wings" that protect the head from shaking side to side in event of a crash. That's what causes brain damage.



answers from Tampa on

We use the Britax Roundabout car seat and we absolutely LOVE it! Our Son is 20 months old and we bought it for him when he was 13 months old (he has always been a little on the small side compared to other babies his age, so he fit into his Graco Safe Seat infant car seat for much longer than other babies would have). He is riding rear-facing until at least age 2 (safer for him in the event of a car crash). We have a Nissan Murano and the Roundabout fits very nicely in the back seat (lots of extra room). Good luck!



answers from Miami on

choose one that you can rear-face the longest, like the Marathon. My son is three and still rear-facing. You can rear-face in the Marathon until up to 33 (or maybe it's 35) pounds. the American Academy of Pediatrics now promotes rear-facing up until at least age two.
you can research more about this:

The article referred to in the news clip:

MSNBC: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/31326129/ns/health-kids_and_p...

The Roundabout might seem more appealing, but it will not last your child as long as the Marathon.
There are others but I'm not sure about rear-facing for them, the others that come 'later' are the Frontier, etc.

If your child is average size, there's a chance s/he'll still fit harnessed in the Marathon up to age 5 or even 6. My six year old is at the end of his Marathon, so it's a good 'bang for your buck.'

There's a feature on the Britax site where you can compare features.



answers from Boca Raton on

Hi K..
Glad you decided to go with the Britax. You won't be disappointed.
All of the carseats made by them are superb. The question is which one is the best for you?
Call around to all the baby places that carry Britax carseats(babysrus,target,boutiques...)Ask them, which models they carry and what color/pattern they come in? Then get in the car and physically go and try it out at the store. Practice everything you can think of that you will be doing with it once you get it home. Read and compare all of the specs.
This process might take awhile so be prepared.
In the end though you will know which seat is the right one for you and your daughter. I guarantee it.



answers from Orlando on

My son hated being in his Graco infant seat so we bought Marathons for both cars at about 9 months old. We actually took him to Babies-r-us and put my son into the different models they had on displays after narrowing it down to a couple brands based on peer recommendations and safety reviews. He absolutely was the calmest in the Britax Marathon. The support and comfort was better than anything remotely comparable. It has an excellent safety rating and he can use it pretty much until he no longer needs a car seat (65+ lbs.)

It was expensive to buy two seats but since we likely won't have to buy a toddler booster seat, it all works out to the same amount of money in the end. :)

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