Potty Training a 2-Year-old Girl

Updated on August 06, 2009
A.R. asks from San Jose, CA
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Hi Ladies,

I'm working on potty training my 2-year old daughter.

I'd love to hear about any potty training videos or books your kids like.

We read a couple of books, but I'd like to get her a video, too. I got the Elmo video, but it was not very helpful. I'd like something created for girls.

Thanks for your ideas.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all of your ideas! I can't wait to get the videos and books you mentioned. I was shocked when my mom told me I was potty trained overnight before my sister was born. There is a 2 year difference, so I was potty trained when I was just turning two. I guess the doctor was shocked that I was potty trained so early. Apparently, I learned during our family camping trip that my aunt used to spank me if I didn't use the potty, so it was potty training by fear. I always wondered why I didn't trust her. I guess your conscious mind forgets, but your subconscious mind remembers.

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We like "My Big Girl Potty" by Joanna Cole and Maxie Chambliss. I got it at Boarders for about $6. It's just the right length for my 2 year old to stay seated to hear the whole thing, but also long enough to give her time to do what she needs to do on the potty.



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I used the Potty Training in One Day System. They have a book that I read and it helped me prepare as well as ways for me to prepare my daughter. At 21 months she was showing signs of being ready to potty train and by 23 months she was fully potty trained for daytime. She took another 6 months for naptimes to be potty trained and she is almost 3 (in just 3 weeks) and is nearly nighttime trained too!

We didn't take the full on approach of training her over a day or weekend, but instead I gently applied the techniques over the course of a month and let them sink in for the following month and it was a breeze!

We used the potty seat, the training pants, the doll and positive reinforcement through encouragement (works better than toys or bribery in our case).

Good Luck!


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My daughter is 2 1/2 and about a year ago there was a book that she loved. I'm not sure she got the idea of what it was, but had lots of colors. She eventually shredded all the paper pages.

I forget the author but the book is "My Big Girl Potty" and covers all the stages of potty training, and has tips and do's and don'ts in the back.

Hope this helps,



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There are three things you can not make a toddler do, eat, sleep and be potty trained. (sigh) Otherwise you are trained to leap up every so often and ask, "Do you have to go to the bathroom?" (double sigh)

I speak from experience. My friend and I took our sons and my daughter on a short trip to Canada. My daughter decided to be potty trained on a 4 day trip to Victoria-Vancouver. We took the Princess Maugarite--ferry, and train. We visited every!!! bathroom on ship, ferry, bus, and train, hotel, restaurant...no matter what they looked or smelled like. And she decided she didn't want to go poops on top of that. But of course every time she ate her body betrayed her. She refused to wear diapers but we didn't have undies with us....

Good thing the trip was only four days long. I was so glad to see my husband.

The example being you never know when it is going to happen. And my daughter was truly "trained" after that trip.



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My daughter was a Bear in the Big Blue house fan and got a dvd called Potty Time that she still watches. Lots of fun and songs to sing and cute. Not necessarily for a boy or a girl as all the animals learn to use the potty!

Good luck, and remember, this too shall pass.

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