Pampers - Dry Max Vs. Baby Dry??

Updated on January 09, 2011
B.B. asks from New Haven, CT
11 answers

We are looking for a new brand of diapers as Target brand hasn't been working out for us all of a sudden. Does anyone know what the difference is between Pampers Dry Max and Pampers Baby Dry? I recall hearing some bad things about Dry Max, did that mess get cleared up or are they still a problem? Thanks for any info!

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answers from Chattanooga on

I use the baby dry for everyday use. It's the only thing that fits my daughter well. Everything else leaks on me. I haven't tried the dry max.

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answers from New York on

Our baby didn't mind Dry Max at all, but whenever he peed, the diaper smelled horrible. It was so bad that the first time I smelled it, I thought he must be really sick! So now we stay clear of any Pampers with Dry Max in them.



answers from Chicago on

We, too, use the dry max and have never had a problem. I love them because they're so thin and not bulky. We switched to Huggies for a bit since they were cheaper at Costco. Did not like them simply because they were so bulky. The dry max seems to keep a lot of the moisture off our boys skin, too.



answers from Spokane on

We've only used Pampers with all 3 of our girls and they've worked wonderfully. My oldest got a rash when we tried Huggies and another brand (can't rememeber which). We've only used the Swaddlers, Baby Dry and Cruisers - never tried the Dry Max.



answers from Pittsburgh on

My husband and I used the Dry Max and had no problem. I read and heard of the issues that people were reporting experiencing, but we never had a single issue. I just figured that the issues some people had were due to an allergic reaction their children had to the Dry Max...
When we bought packages in the store we would get the Dry Max, but then we signed up online with to have diapers sent to us each month - and ordered the Pampers Baby Dry.
The box says they would last 12 hours, so you can use them overnight, but I don't think they're necessarily FOR overnight use.
We really have used Pampers since my son was born. We got different brands from people at my baby shower, but it seemed that Pampers was the brand that worked best for us overall.
Good luck!
You can always get smaller packages and just try different types...
Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

I used the Dry Max Cruisers, but switched to the Baby Dry. I had no problems with the Cruisers, but you get 36 more diapers in the value box of the Baby Dry as compared to the Cruisers. The only time we have leak issues is when she sleeps for over 12-13 hours, and even then it's only sometimes. But I think that would happen with any diaper.



answers from Gainesville on

We cloth diaper but when I have to use disposables we go with Luvs.



answers from Kansas City on

Why use Pampers when HUGGIES are so much better?!!!!! They cost about the same, you can find sales/coupons/deals on both brands to bring down the cost to at or below generic prices, and Huggies have not been in the news for causing chemical burns on baby's tender skin!!! Huggies are simlply better. IMHO.


answers from Lansing on

The only 2 diaper brands I use (unless I don't have any other choice) are Huggies or Members Mark Brand from Sam's club (Definately worth the membership!!)

I tried pampers after my daughter outgrew the swaddlers and I had nothing but problems with them (rashes, leaking, you name it). I tried Luvs and didn't like how they worked for her either, same with Target brand.

Hopefully if you try pampers they work for you!!



answers from Wichita on

I never used the dry max, but the baby dry is for overnights, although you can use it anytime. We used them overnight when our daughter was a baby and they always worked great. They didnt have the dry max when she was still in diapers, so I dont know about that.



answers from St. Louis on

Pampers dry max kept making my child break out with rashes. So i tried luvs and they are wonderful

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