Pampers Scare!

Updated on May 09, 2010
A.M. asks from Park Rapids, MN
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Have you all heard about the Pampers scare?? Well i have just had the same issue everyone else is talking about! Open burn like sores. Well pampers has been giving our children CHEMICAL BURNS! No more pampers in my house or on my son! They have lost my business...please check your children for like symptoms...research it! Rather amazing. I would like to know what is next, first its bassinets, cribs, playpens, now tylenol, slings and diapers! What is a person to do??

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So What Happened?

i went back to huggies and the sores were gone within less than 2 days. When the pampers where on him he would SCREAM! So, I also ordered some all in one cloth diapers off the web to try them on him too since I am a sahm!

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answers from Minneapolis on

There have been "a handful" of unsubtantiated claims of "rashes" from this diaper. That's why it's called a "scare" and not a recall. Please don't overreact until there's a real problem identified.

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answers from Lincoln on

My daughter reacted to Walmart brand that way. She's been in Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, Target, and Best Choice since with no problems. It may just depend on the child and the diaper!
As for the rest...what is a person to do???? I buy generic over the counter medicine so I lucked out on that one! The sling was recalled before my friend go it to me to borrow - thankfully! what is next is a very good question!

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answers from Lincoln on

Change the type of diapers you use. If you want to be safe, then use cloth and wash them yourself - that way you know exactly what is happening. As for the other scares, people simply need to use their best judgement. Baby slings have been around forever, there are countries where the sling is any piece of strong cloth. I am concerned you are living in constant fear for your child. This is no way to live.

Remember not to rely on the manufacturers to care for your children, instead stay aware and use your judgement.


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answers from Duluth on

my view on all the recalled stuff is this: people need to start using some common sense and follow their instincts.
you dont have to agree but heres my thoughts:
#1: cribs are not safe for babies even if they are "safe" and functional.
#2: bassinets are safer than cribs because usually they are in the same room as and right near mom, but of course once baby is turning over, they have no function and are not safe.
#3: playpens are odd things; we really expect kids to be comfortable and happy playing in a box?
#4: tylenol is a good thing to use once in a blue moon for pain or discomfort, but many health foods stores or even other places have plenty of natural or safer "cures" for pain and discomfort.
#5: slings are safe. but you still have to be aware the position of your baby while using one. the ones they recalled are not great and im glad they recalled them. i had one. but i also spent the money to get a moby wrap, and that one was fantastic, i never had a problem with my son's neck position while using that.

diapers diapers diapers. there's always cloth or the growing popularity of elimination communication from birth. people swear by it, and my son took an interest in the potty MUCH earlier than a year old. that doesnt mean he completely being potty trained any earlier :P but it has been easier on our pocketbooks that he was interested that early. we used our fair share of cloth. though the up front cost is high, people are usually selling their used ones for a great discount and theres nothing wrong with reusing cloth diapers. theres so many options; cities even have diaper cleaning services, you get clean ones, and you hand over your dirty ones (although you usually cant control HOW they are washed when you use a service.... they could be using bleach or something that is just as harmful to baby...)

there are options out there to avoid using things that are harmful to babies. we shouldnt be asking "what is a person to do" because there are so many other options out there. disposable diapers have only been around for 30--40 years. cloth is more comfortable, more clean, safer, and usually help baby feel the wetness, which encourages training. its hard, its dirty, but being a parent is a dirty job :P :P

anyway, i just want to encoruage you!! there are options! there are ways to avoid this stuff. im not saying that i do everything right; i dont. my son has those very same pampers, and i remember he had a couple bumps on his abdomen ; but he only wears them at night now, so obviously, he doesnt have as much contact as a younger baby would... :(

i found a place to report all of this!!! PLEASE REPORT IT!!

check the first link for information, THEN check the second to report injury.

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answers from New York on

I absolutely hate the way companies are constantly making changes to products that have been around for 25+ years and are trusted. I've heard a brief comment about this in the news. Please check out the story below from ABC news. The new pampers are under investigation.

UPDATE: It appears that the press has finally gotten ahold of this story. The major news papers and internet are filled with articles. As one mom pointed out, this is a scare, not a recall.... I don't have kids in diapers, but I won't take a chance. Here are some more articles.

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answers from Minneapolis on

you know what? i was so scared about EVERYTHING....lead paint, blankets and SIDS, plastic tippy cups....i know how you's thing i did that has eased my mind is that i went all natural with lots of my life....when my toddler was one, i actually switched to cloth diapers after using disposable for a year...this was due to eco reasons, but also, i did wonder about those chemicals against her skin....
this change made me look to other areas in my life....i started checking out the environmental working group's website: skindeep

type in a soap or shampoo that you use and if it is rated a 1,2,3, it's better than those with proven bad stuff that are rated 8 or 9 or 10

and found some safe beauty products (i use california baby for myself and my girl, but there are other less expensive safe soaps and creams out there) i buy the same natural stuff over and over and don't waste time anymore looking for the best smelling stuff....that probably isn't so good for our skin anyway.....

next i switched to all green cleaning products, and i don't worry so much any more about my kid getting this or that in her mouth after i've cleaned it...

i try to buy safe toys.....and less of's i know are safe paint, like the toys from rosie hippo or nova natural, some habba toys from again, expensive, but less less less

after i "green'd" up a bit, i can't tell you what a relief it is for me and worrying....i still use a sling, and i had one of those cribs....if i have another kid, i'll just secure it so it doesn't drop down....

a funny book i read about this, i remember was, i remember the author freaking out about these same is hard....and she made me laugh about it.....i related to her

this blog is a good one to check out too:

good luck....and are more tough than you think....i've made it to three years of mommyhood now, and all that worrying....i can relate, but i have to say....i seriously thought that the fear of lead chips ingested was going to give me an ulcer....thank god i got through the putting stuff into the mouth we're on to holding onto the railing on the heart stops every time she goes down them, i swear! what a ride this all is!



answers from Sheboygan on

I haven't had any issues with Pampers in my house, and have seen nothing on any of the other "mom" sites or product recall sites that I check daily, until today. Most of these recalls are precautionary - and we only hear about them more often these days because of the availability of information to the masses. There have always been recalls and issues with products, be them for babies, children, or adults. I will have to check into this Pampers thing, and go from there.



answers from Des Moines on

I had heard that the new version of Pampers causes problems for some children. I thought it was just the Cruisers style, but now I'm beginning to wonder, as my daughter has been in mostly Pampers for 3 weeks and has had a rash almost the whole time. I bought a pack of Pampers Sensitive to see if that helped, not thinking about it being the Pampers brand itself. Now I'm thinking I'll buy a pack of something else to see if that helps. It's too bad if their new change causes sensitivity issues in a lot of kids, because I used Pampers almost exclusively with my son and would have continued to do so with my daughter.



answers from Los Angeles on

This is yet another example of why no one product is ok for every person. I know literally hundreds of babies who have worn Pampers with no problems, and this is the first I've heard "straight from the victim's mouth" so to speak.

Just like soaps, formulas, or even vaccinations, there will always be some children who have a bad reaction to something. It doesn't mean Pampers are evil, just that they are not safe for your child.

Thanks for sharing this info, since some parents may be experiencing problems and not know why. The actual occurence of this is extremely rare, however.


answers from Hartford on

It is the new pamperes!
Yup! It is scary, most of our products we use eveyday have toxic chemicals in them! I use natural products that have no caustic chemicals in them! many products like Tide, J&J, Lysol, and so many I cannot list have these toxic harmful chemicals!
I switched to an natural company that costs less $. Love it!
Contact me for details!



answers from Chicago on

I am using the new pampers and have had no problems with them at all. As mentioned, every person/baby is different. My older kids had a bad reaction to a diaper rash cream, my little one does not have that reaction. At 2, I have not even used half the tube since she rarely gets diaper rash. The only problem I have with the new Pampers is that I think I got a defective couple of diapers since teh lining is on wrong and half the diaper has nothing but the outer shell.



answers from Los Angeles on

i love pampers and have had no ill effects with them on my daughter (even with the new ones). my daughter is allergic to diapers that arent chlorine free. i cant afford to buy the nature baby brand (which is totally awesome!!!) and im currently trying to potty train her.

your son could be allergic to pampers brand diapers.



answers from Sioux City on

I have done research and have the tylenol, motrin, and one of the cribs and it's down right scary! I have been told though that you can take the items back to the store where you've purchased them and get money or store credit back so that's what I'm doing with them. Well not my crib because I can order a repair kit for that. I can't believe all the recalls though...where's these testers that we are suppose to rely on to make sure that this sort of thing doesn't happen?!



answers from Davenport on

I haven't used any of the new verson of pampers, the ultra dry/ultra thin or whatever they are, so they may well have an issue.

That said, by daughter who is now 3 had VERY VERY sensitive skin as a baby. So much so , that I had to make my own baby wipes - even the unscented/sensitive wipes of any brand would give her a rash, had to bathe her only with Aveeno baby products as Johnson's would give her a rash till she was over 1 year old, and we still have to only use All Free & Clear Detergent, even Tide Free and Clear breaks her out in hives. But Pampers Swaddlers were the ONLY diapers she could wear for her infancy, until she was over 9 months, every time we tried a different brand, she got a rash. Once she was closer to a year, she tolerated Luvs and Target brand. My son on the other hand has sensitive skin, too, but more along the line of line of being very dry, he needs daily loition applications, he never has had a very bad diaper rash, and we have used Target, WalMart, Huggies, Pampers, and Luvs on him.

All the recalls really make me mad, too, especially the medicines, since it is not liek you cna check meds for safety at home on your own. We can monitor our kids in cribs, high chairs, bassinets and playpens, and vertainly while they are lying in a sling on your alot of that, the parents have to be more present and pay attention/test out the deivce, and check it regularly to make sure it is still working/latching/secure. BUT meds, that just makes me mad, cause there are times you need tylenol and motrin - for fevers/teething....and you tend to trust those big name companies and they totally let us all down. KNOWING they are making children's medicine and not sticking to high standards and testing/quality control, and it is something that we as parents can't police/test/control on our own - we never would have known if it weren't for the " voluntary" recall they did with the FDA breathing down their necks.

We just have to do our best day by day, unfortunately we can't bubble-wrap our kids, and we just have to pray and do our best and leave the rest in God's hands.



answers from Minneapolis on

I have used the old pampers and the new one with out any issues. I have two in diapers a one yr old and a 3 yr old that have always used papmpers. All the other diapers I have tried either give them a rash or leak. Everyones skin is differnet and react to things that come in contact with it. I have heard about the "scare" but from what I read it is just that a scare.



answers from Fort Wayne on

its funny you should post this I was having a problem thinking that my dd was a diabetic bc of how the diaper was filling up so much and i was changing every hour but it was just the way the diap was holding the wettness. anyway i went back to my old brand of Sam's club (no perfume and not so much plastic) and have noticed that my dd's bottom was red and irrated just before i went back to my old brand. I will never use pampers again.



answers from Chicago on

My son has been using the Dry Max Pampers since their debut and he has not had any ill "chemical burns" and no diaper rashes.



answers from Des Moines on

maybe what was done in the "good old days": Cloth diapers never gave chemical burns or other less obvious effects of wrapping toxic chemicals around our babies' tiny bottoms (and reproductive organs), activating them with ammonia-like urine, and keeping them air-tight and encapsulated nearly 24 hours each day.



answers from Topeka on

NO I haven't heard of it but thanks for the info.I do use Pampers not the new ones that they just came out with but overall they work just fine.But did you know that letting your child sit in a soiled diaper will cause diaper rashes skin irrations and lots of other issues.I'm glad things get recalled it's good to know that they realize their products are potentially harmful to us and our little ones.



answers from Denver on

I know that my daughter's WORST rash turned out to be a yeast infection. We could NOT get it to clear up with traditional diaper cream ointment or any traditional rash cures. If your child has a really bad rash (and perfectly normal rashes can look horrible--especially yeast infection rashes) and the rash won't go away, I suggest you make an appt. with the pediatrician and they will probably prescribe some anti-fungal ointment. Baby boys can and do get yeast infections in their diaper area too. I also just googled open sores and diaper rash together and open sores are not uncommon in severe diaper rash. So, if it is not a yeast infection, it is probably just a VERY bad rash. But it is not uncommon and probably NOT from the Pampers. I am sure lots of babies using Huggies out there have severe diaper rash too but their parents aren't interpreting them as chemical burns because there hasn't been a Huggies scare. Good for you for being aware though. Better safe than sorry.



answers from Minneapolis on

Supposedly this is a false claim. Here is a news release from this morning:
However, both of my daughters were allergic to pampers diapers (and the Target brand too). After about 2 weeks of use they both developed horrible diaper rashes.
Huggies babydry have always worked for us. Heres hoping they don't change their formulas! Good luck.

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