Diaper Rash & Pampers

Updated on August 29, 2011
A.G. asks from Anthony, NM
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My twins got their 1yr shots on thursday, along with a flu shot. They both had diarrhea from friday thru yesterday ( which I was expecting it happened at 6months when they got their shots & the flu shot) the diarrhea caused diaper rash.. specifically a yeast infection in both of them. Their ped. gave us a cream to put on them 4-5 times a day. My son is no longer red or irritated, my daughter on the other hand is bright red. We currently have a box of pampers. I have heard that some babies have had reactions to pampers. We have alaways used pampers and not had any issues. I am going to buy a box of huggies and see if that makes any difference. Has anyone elses kids had issues with pampers and rash's? I dont think the pampers caused the rash, but I am thinking for whatever reason they may be the reason my daughters not healing.

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answers from Appleton on

I think it depends on the child. My son would get a rash from Pampers, so we used Huggies with him. When my daughter came along we used Huggies again and found out that she would get a rash from them, so we switched to Pampers for her.

Good Luck!

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answers from Dallas on

None if my kids could wear Pampers. We used Huggies and the Sams brand of diapers. I have heard other kids are the opposite and can't wear Huggies so I guess it just depends.

I know you didn't ask but my favorite diaper cream was the desitin in the purple box. I tried them ALL including some mixed up by a local pharmacist. I used it with the prescription once. I also put it on even when they didn't have a rash.

Poor baby! Ouch! Hope it heals up soon! : /



answers from Phoenix on

I use Pampers with both of my children and many of my daycare kids use them too. I've never seen them cause rashes or prolong them. Diarrhea is usually very acidic and irritating. I would give her lots of yogurt, avoid fruit and acidic veggies like tomatoes and use a good healing cream like Bag Balm liberally at every diaper change. If it still doesn't clear up in a day or two, try the yeast cream your doctor gave you last time. Switching diapers isn't going to make a difference though. Good luck!



answers from Tampa on

My son used pampers and he had a rash that lasted several days.... I changed to huggies and love them!!!
Try to use lanolin from lansinoh (yeap, the cream you use for your nipples when breastfeeding) in the red area... it works GREAT!!! The rash usually goes away in 2 days!!!!
Good luck



answers from Cleveland on

we had a coupon for pampers once and it gave my daughter a horrible rash we finished the package and will never again buy pampers.


answers from Kansas City on

Pampers probably did cause the rash. If you are going to use disposables, try Huggies. We personally use cloth in our house. But we had nothing but issues with Pampers before we switched. I know other families who have had issues with Pampers too. Alot of people love the Parent's Choice (Wal-Mart) or the Target brand diapers too.



answers from Washington DC on

We use Baby Dry and do not have problems with them. Try a different diaper.



answers from Los Angeles on

I've heard some reactions from Pampers Baby Dry. My LO reacts to Huggies Snug and Dry, but is fine with Little Snugglers (She is 3 mo.). I think every baby is different, and you just have to watch for reactions. My first got severe diaper rash every time she had apple juice/sauce. Just eliminate things and add them back to see if you can figure out the cause.



answers from Houston on

When my daughter got a rash, we were told to let her air out as much as possible. I put a little pallet down with waterproof pads, towels and toys. I let her play there as long as possible without a diaper. My daughter is younger so it was not as difficult to keep her still.

When she got the rash, we were using Babies R Us disposables. Now, we use cloth during the day and Earth's Best, Luv's or Huggies at night.


answers from Seattle on


Something with what ever they use for absorbing and the weaver.

All three of my boys had horrible rashes ANYTIME I used Pampers.

Huggies are the only diapers that are name brand I can use on my youngest(the only one left in diapers).

The Target Brand diapers are the other one I found that dont bother his hiney.

Mine all did ok with pampers until we had similar issues...With the first two I had to do the process of elimination....I just knew with the third and stopped using them...(my MIL bought diapers for me most the time..and she would only buy pampers...when I told her I needed to switch Zephyr to huggies she said sorry I wont buy then for you then)...

Its worth a try. Buy one of the smaller packages...which seems like a no brainer now that I have typed it!

I hope things clear up for her:)


answers from Denver on

I've used both brands (Pampers and Huggies) and haven't had any problems. My son did get a nasty rash from the wipes, however (Huggies wipes) we discovered we had to use chlorine-free wipes. I would suggest trying chlorine-free diapers and wipes and see if that helps!


answers from Pittsburgh on

All three of my children would get red bums with all the other brands of diapers, pampers brand was the only one that would not. They would get a red bum, and at times bleed. So not worth using the different brands. They were more expensive, but well worth it for the comfort for them.



answers from Stationed Overseas on

It was and is the pampers cruisers with dry max that are causing the problems. If you are using swaddlers or baby dry then that shouldn't be the problem. I won't go near the cruisers with any of my children. My SILs daughter got a chemical burn from the cruisers and as soon as she switched back to the baby dry her daughter was fine.

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