Problems with New Pampers DRY MAX??

Updated on June 07, 2011
D.T. asks from Saint Johns, FL
12 answers

Has anyone has issues with the new Pampers?? Apparently a great number of babies are suffering from a very bad rash. They are also inadequate as far as absorbption. I am finding that my son is now waking in the middle of the night soaked through since using these. They are AWFUL!!! I am finding gel beads all over him. I great deal of people are haivng issues with these new Diapers. PLease look at the Facebook page "PAMPERS Bring back the old Cruisers/Swaddlers for more info and pictures

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answers from Chicago on

We have not had any problems. I buy Pampers Cruisers or Huggies Little movers because they fit the best. I have been mostly using the Pampers for the past few months because of coupons and sales. My daughter has some eczema but totally unrelated to the diapers since she had it when she was only a few months old and it just started to come back. I also have not had any gel beads from these. I have heard though that some babies have problems. It makes you wonder what is causing the reaction though.

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answers from Joplin on

I must have gotten a "good" batch from because my son (5 months old adjusted age 3 months) hasn't had an issue one with these new pampers. The old ones on the other hand was HORRID



answers from Minneapolis on

I recently purchased a case (is that what you call the big boxes? haha!) for my girls and haven't noticed any problems. I only bought these because I had a $5 off coupon. I used the Cruisers/Swadlers when they were smaller, but once they started running around I switched to Pampers Baby Dry. You get far more diapers per case than the Cruisers/Dry Max versions, and I think they work just as good. It may be an option before switching to another brand completely.


answers from Provo on

I'm glad I don't use pampers! Huggies fam all the way. Eventually I am getting cloth diapers for at night though. My son pee's like a race horse!



answers from Austin on

We just switched to Pampers Easy Ups two weeks ago. Our daughter has had recurrent UTI'S & Specialists have not been able to give us an answer as to what is causing them. So my husband & I decided to switch diaper brands. In hopes that this would end the UTI's. However, since switching to Pampers our daughter has had a horrible rash that is progressively getting worse. I've tried everything from Desitin to Eucerin Healing Ointment with no luck. We've now made the switch again to Huggies. It is heartbreaking that we were trying to find a solution to the initial problem only to have another. Pampers needs to recall the Dry Max diapers & training pants ASAP.



answers from Dallas on

We had a purchase before released offer so I bought a small pack. Son had a rash, nothing major, but I didn't buy them again because of it I figured it was something in the ingredients, we normally use Huggies or Target brand and Huggies Overnights. We didn't have a problem with absorption though.



answers from Los Angeles on

I got a sample pack of them and tried them overnight, my daughter sleeps 10 hours straight through and she woke up to pee all over her bed. She was also wearing one for about 2 hours and had a poopie diaper that DID NOT stay in the diaper AT ALL....Needless to say we switched to huggies. Now pampers swadlers, those were some awesome diapers. Why can't they make them in bigger sizes? It can't be impossible.


answers from Seattle on

I heard on the news that alot of babies are getting rashes from them. My daughte uses the Pampers sensitive since she had an allergic reaction to regular diapers (of all Brands). If your baby isn't suffering from a rash I wouldn't worry about it, some kids have sensitive skin. If its the leaking, just get different diapers...



answers from Chicago on

We haven't had any problems, and I feel like my boys are drier than before. They don't have the wetness on their skin when I take off their diapers.



answers from Washington DC on

I LOVE them! We haven't had any problems with them at all, and my son has extremely sensitive skin.



answers from Seattle on

My son has not had any problems with them. Infact they are better than the original pampers cruisers in which he woke up in the morning little wet. So I had to use pampers extra protection at night and pampers premium absorbency during day. But these are just great. Now I buy just these one diaper box. My son used to have lots of diaper rashes earlier with other pampers. But with this new one he is doing fine. So my vote is in favor of this new pampers dry-max.



answers from Houston on

I have heard that lots of people are having problems, but we aren't. My son hasn't gotten a rash at all. He has always had trouble staying dry at night (he is a pee machine at night for some reason!), so it really isn't any different than the nighttime "Extra Protection" diapers I tried for him.

If they aren't working for you, you should switch I guess. Sorry you're having issues!

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