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Updated on March 09, 2010
D.K. asks from Homewood, IL
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Help! Pampers Cruisers used to have a "mesh" liner that kept my little one's very sensitive skin away from the wetness of the diaper - swaddlers have it too, but suddenly in my last box or two, it's gone! Does anyone know of another diaper that has something similar? I'd go cloth, but she's 18 months old - it's not cost effective at this point. Her diaper rash since the change has not been fun - I feel so bad for her, it's gotta hurt!

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answers from Boston on

I'm out of the diaper phase, but I just noticed in a catalog, that pampers have made their diapers 20% thinner, I wonder if in the reworking they took away the liner??? Anyway, we always used huggies with great success- I agree with the letting her go bare bottom as much as you can while she has a rash. Fresh air is the best medicine!!

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answers from Chicago on

I used the cruisers too (with my two older boys, and my now 7 month old baby) and loved them!!! I do not like the new version and am pretty angry they changed with no labeling or anything. I did read that they are coming out with a new Cruisers Max diaper. These are probably the old Cruisers relabeled....I hate the way products get marketed. My son is also getting a diaper rash now. I'm not sure what we can do about it, but I am writing to let you know I am on your side!! Good luck finding new diapers that work. I'll be searching too!



answers from San Francisco on

I use the pampers baby dry and there is a mesh liner in that one. My daughter has always done well with it. You get more diapers for the same price as the cruisers too.



answers from Washington DC on

i switched to seventh generation diapers and that solved a lot of those problems for me



answers from Gainesville on

You might want to reconsider going cloth. Especially if you plan on having more children as you can use the same diapers for the next baby. Talk about tremendous savings. And saving your little ones bottom. You can also sell your cloth diapers if this is your last baby.

Look into one-size all in ones or one size pocket diapers. They will carry her into potty training. I like the new Thirsties duo diaper as it goes up to 40lbs! If you have any questions I'd be glad to help. I've been cloth diapering my little one since she was 4 months old and she is now a potty training 20 month old!

Also, I just bought a bag of Baby Dry since my little one had a nasty tummy bug and there was no mesh liner.



answers from Columbia on

I love the Pampers Baby Dry diapers. I tried the cruisers and they weren't as soft and didn't seem to work as well. Try the baby dry and see what happens. My mother in law told me one time that when they have really bad diaper rash, let them sit out bare bottom for a little while and let the rash dry a little. Of course you need to put something on the floor so they won't pee pee everywhere.



answers from Chicago on

You can still go cloth! If you were to do just prefolds and covers, you could diaper your daughter for well under $100 and either resell them or use them for a future baby. Cloth diapers are SO worth it. So much better for the baby to not have chemicals on them and so much better for our landfills. You can't go wrong.



answers from Houston on

You might also consider drying her rear with a hair dryer on low between diaper changes. It ensures that the skin is really dry if you need add some sort of cream or ointment and speeds healing. I used one on a regular basis for at home diaper changes and had very few bouts of diaper rash...and most of those were related to her being on antibiotics. My daughter also found it soothing when she was broken out really bad.

Have you also considered that it might have morphed into a yeast infection?

I used Swaddlers, Cruisers, Baby Dry, and that order until my daughter potty trained at 2.5. I never had much luck with Huggies (fit) or stores brands (allergies).



answers from Columbus on

I just got a sample of the Cruisers Max in the mail today. They look and feel exactly like the old Cruisers, but still no mesh liner. I really don't see a big difference in the two. I don't really have a suggestion for diapers b/c we've always used Pampers, but I have heard that Costco brand diapers were really good diapers.
As far as the diaper rash goes though... our Pediatrician gave us the best home remedy. You mix even parts of Aquaphor & Liquid Malox together to make a paste and use it as a diaper cream instead of the store brand creams that have zinc (which isn't really good for them) in them. You want it to be pastey so you might need to use a bit more aquaphor than malox, but it works wonders! This worked better than a $50 prescription rash cream did! The malox pulls the "infection" out of the rash. It typically cleared the rash up in no time and didn't have too many problems with reoccurance. I've recommended the mix to friends since using it myself & they don't use commercial creams anymore either. Hope it helps



answers from College Station on

I agree with Sandra I love the baby dry! I also like huggies bc both my girls are sensitive as well! If that doesn't work maybe your best bet is cloth or seeing if she is ready for potty training but def give the baby dry a chance first!

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