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Updated on August 08, 2010
N.O. asks from Rowlett, TX
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Hello Moms,

So I normally am a "Huggies ONLY" mom, I've tried every brand out there, including MANY store brands and always go back to Huggies. I have found a website offering great prices on their diapers, but only have Pampers & LUVS available in my sons sizes. I know Pampers are designed for the more slimmer babies and Huggies for the more round which is why I tend to use only Huggies on my kids, they've never been slim babies.

So anyhow, I've used LUVS in the past, not CRAZY for them but don't think their horrible but I haven't used Pampers in years (since my DD was in diapers) and I can't stop trying to decide which one would be better to get now if my son normally only fits well in Huggies. Pampers & LUVS seem very similar so it's hard for me to tell which one would be a better choice.

There is a slight price difference but not by much so I'm not worried about the LUVS being a little cheaper, so if you had to chose between the brands, which one would you buy? Also, which Pampers brand was it that moms were complaining about for giving their babies chemical burns? Is there still any issues about Pampers or was the problem fixed?

TIA for your help!!

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answers from St. Cloud on

My kids were allergic to pampers so we only used huggies and luvs. We really liked the luvs the best.

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answers from Elmira on

I had all large babies. Three boys. At birth they were 8'14, 9'14, and 10'12. I used pampers swaddlers for them as newborns. I like huggies supremes, but the diapers I stick to are pampers cruisers. They are wonderful diapers. They are usually the same price as huggies. They are my favorite diapers to use for my babies. Hope that helps.

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answers from Dallas on

On our first child we used luvs. With our current little one...we did use pampers (before the new and improved changed), but they tend to leak so we switched to huggies for our 18 month old for the past 4 months. We love huggies little movers and little snugglers for night time sleeping. Plus, we love that finding a coupon is easier for huggies like right now I think its a few on and We only trust huggies and luvs. Go with which ever your child is more comfortable in and that is affordable for you.

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answers from Billings on

LUVS! I used swaddlers on my 2 babys until they were a size 1. We then used LUVS and only LUVS. We did try huggies, but didnt like them.Alot of the other cheaper brands leaked. My son is still in pamps and loves his LUVS! :)

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answers from St. Louis on

The Pampers Dry Max were the ones I heard about the chemical burns from my sister-in-law that is a pediatric nurse. I buy the Luvs for my son. They do have a stronger fragrance to them but I don't mind it and he doesn't either. He loves that they have Blues Clues on them. Also, he would leak through the Pampers at night, even the Pampers overnight diapers. With my daughter, I could only use Huggies on her, she had an allergic reaction to the pampers, luvs, and walmarts generic diapers. The generic diapers held just as well as the name brand but they did not fit around the legs good.

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answers from Dallas on

Personally I hate Luvs. I am a Pampers Swaddlers mom up until you have to switch to the Cruisers. At that point I usually switch to the Huggies Natural Fit.

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answers from Buffalo on

I have 3 kids all were large babies (in size 5 diapers by age of 4 months, BIG THIGHS) and I will only buy Pampers cruisers. LOVE THEM. They have stretchier waists for a tighter fit for those kids like ours that you cannot set in just one size.

FYI LUVS and Pampers are both made by Proctor and Gamble, since it is the same company they obviously made cuts in LUVs so they can offerit in the lowr price, but hey if it works, why not.

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answers from Boston on

Like you, my kids were plump : ) I was a Huggies person. But Luvs were $10 cheaper for a big box at BJs, so I figured I'd try them (plus, BJs sends $5 off coupons, so they were much cheaper). Anyway, they were great. The tabs on the sides were much stretchier than huggies, which I really liked. I never found the fragrance offensive.

Again, the only reason that I chose was cost. But the Luvs worked well for my Huggies kid.

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answers from Dallas on

Like you, I have 2 daughters who were never slim as babies! Also, like you I have this infatuation with trying new things like diapers na dhave tried every diaper out there even store brands! My fav now is the Target brand diapers for my 20 mth old daughter. I love them and they are so much cheaper and work really well...IMO!! I have used huggies with both kids and am not evert fond of them. because they tend to leak alot on my kids even though they were thick babies. Personally, I love, love Pampers Cruisers and was a avid user when my 1st born was small. I dont buy them very much now b-c income is alittle more tighter than it was before. I LOVE Luvs and they remind me of the cheaper version of the cruisers. Only difference is the way they feel. But, Luv's does the job everytime, and is pretty much the only brand I'll buy at Wal-mart when I am standing there trying to decide what type of diaper to buy! I only try to buy Pampers when I get coupons in the mail (in which I always do)...And sometimes I like to change it up & will buy them even w/o the coupon. So, to make a long story short....I love Pampers, Luvs and Target brand diapers all the same. Have u tried Target diapers?? If not, give them a try, not sure if they sell them in NB size, though....Luvs and Pampers are virtually the same in my opinion, again I buy both....Huggies has really never worked for us, but if at Target will buy the HUGE target brand diapers for 13.99!! HTH~~

B. : - )

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answers from Chicago on

We prefer Pampers. My daughter uses them and she is great in them. We use the new Pampers with the Drymax and she is fine. I was leary about using them at first because these are the ones that people were complaining about. Like I said, I love them. We do use Huggies overnights, but that is the only time we use Huggies. Hope you find one that you are happy with!

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answers from Lakeland on

I always use SAMS/store brand diapers. I have never found any benefit to using pampers or huggies (mother of two, boy and girl). At night time my daughter was a heavy wetter and she would soak through the rather than waking her up to change her at addtion to limiting her fluid intake and making her void before bedtime, I simply put two diapers on her at night (just in case). one in her size and one the next size up to catch any leaks.



answers from Cincinnati on

I like the dollar store brand, but i've tried every name brand out there, and I think pampers are the best name brand. (huggies always leaked with my son) I think LUVS are thinner and dont hold as much



answers from Minneapolis on

Well I have been using Pampers on my daughter for 2 years and they work great. They must have fixed the problem because I never had any issues with them let alone heard of that.


answers from Johnson City on

I definitely preferred Pampers over LUVS, but like you Huggies were my fav. If you do go with LUVS, I would just use them in the daytime and still spring for Huggies or Pampers for nites. Both my kiddos always peed thru LUVS in the middle of the nite.



answers from Raleigh on

I have used all brands, and I prefer Pampers or Huggies. Luvs just stink to me. They use some kind of heavy fragrance that I find offensive. Also, the fragrance makes my son break out. I say try them and see what you think.

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