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Updated on March 31, 2010
J.K. asks from Fairfax, VA
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Hi, I am on a mission to find a better diaper for my young one (he wears size 4). We used to use those Pampers Cruisers, and I thought they were just awesome. I buy them in super stock, so I didn't notice until I opened this new stock that they changed and cheapened the materials. I am SO ANGRY with them ... No indication in the box or anywhere that they were going to do this. THe price is the same, even though the materials are shoddy. I feel hoodwinked, and am making it a vow to NEVER buy any Pampers products EVER again ...

So what brand do you use...

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answers from Stationed Overseas on

Pampers Cruisers always gave my LO a rash so we use Pampers Baby Dry. Love them! No rash, no leaks and no blowouts. I will never use any other.



answers from Toledo on

I've never liked the Cruisers. I use the Baby Dry for my (almost) 2 year old and have had great success with them. I get them from Sam's Club and they're cheaper that way than any of the store brands (when you look at the price per unit). I've switched my 4 month old to Luvs because Sam's doesn't carry regular size 2 in any diapers, and in "regular" stores, they are cheaper than Pampers. The Luvs work fine and aren't as bulky as the Pampers, but they do have more of a paper feel to them than the Pampers. Once he is into a size 3 though, I'll go back to the Pampers Baby Dry from Sam's because those are still cheaper than Luvs at the "regular" store.

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answers from Boston on

Luvs brand is about $10 cheaper per box and works just fine for my 2 yo. She's in size 4.


answers from Pittsburgh on

This won't answer your question exactly, but just for your info, this past weekend, our Walmart had a display up in the diaper section, showing how Pampers (didn't notice which type of Pampers diaper, exactly,) in it's new super-absorbent form, is so much thinner and less bulky than Huggies. This may be the change you noticed. They were really thin compared to the Huggies, and they were advertised to be super-absorbent. I'd compare it to the super thin mega-maxi pads for women that are very absorbent, yet extremely thin. Not sure if this is the change you noticed, but it could be that they are trying to make a thinner, less bulky product, with as much or more absorbency. I haven't used them, so I can't comment on how well they work, but just wanted to let you know about the display I just saw indicating they have "thinned down" the Pampers.

As a side note, I never used "generic" diapers for my son, always opting for Huggies Supreme because my son had skin sensitivity issues. But since my son moved to pull-ups (for nighttime only), we decided to give the Target brand a try, and we find they work just as well as the Huggies pull-ups. Might be worth giving the Target diapers a try?


answers from San Antonio on

I am so glad you posted this question. My son also leaked two nights now with these "new" diapers. I noticed that the regular Cruisers box had a different look to it when I opened and used the diapers. Since reading your post, I have emailed Pampers to complain that with the new Dry Max diapers, they've changed the regular Cruisers into such an awful product, that I will be more likely to switch brands than use the DryMax like they probably want us to. Luckily for me, too, I have only used 8 of the 64 diapers in my new box. The grocery store said that as long as I have my reciept (strangely enough I do), that I can return the unused diapers. Thanks for this post. Not sure what I'll switch to. Maybe the BabyDry, maybe Luvs. THANKS!

I’m sorry about your recent experience with Pampers diapers. Please be assured I’m sharing your comments about leakage with the rest of our team.

We’ve moved to a new technology called Dry Max. Pampers with Dry Max is our first high performance diaper and the biggest innovation for Pampers in the last 25 years. Pampers invented the Dry Max technology and applied it to the current Cruisers and Swaddlers core. By doing so we were able to remove the paper pulp from the core of the diaper making Cruisers 20% thinner without sacrificing any performance.

We understand whenever we change a product it’s an adjustment for consumers and I want to assure you the diapers aren’t less absorbent than the previous version. In fact, the absorbent core takes away urine and traps it inside to make it our driest diaper ever. We improved the absorbent gelling material (AGM) in the new absorbent core so it locks wetness in faster than before. AGM is a super absorber that’s been used in diapers for more than 20 years. It has the ability to absorb huge amounts of liquid, and in doing so, it transforms from its natural state of a granular material to a gel-like substance.


answers from Kansas City on

i think all diapers (especially pampers) are a rip off. you're paying THAT MUCH for cotton and paper. we have used various store brands, at least after the first giddy few months of infant-ness. my favorite were target. don't get your expectations up, they're still cheaper than pampers/huggies/luvs, but the price is a lot lower too. for name brand i liked luvs, but again, price had a lot to do with it. i have a bit of a chip on my shoulder about diapers, actually lol. i never understood paying that much for pampers. good luck in your search.



answers from Detroit on

We used to use Huggies, but have now gone with the Kirkland brand. (Kirkland is Costco's brand). We have found those work the best for us. Don't know if there is costco near you, but right now they have a $5.00 off coupon on their large boxes of diapers. (good until April 3rd)

Good luck.



answers from Washington DC on

Don't know how L. ago you bought those diapers, but they had changed them a couple months ago. They just released a new version of Cruisers - the box is different and they are AWESOME! If you sign up on they will send you a sample.

We use Pampers Baby Dry now (were using cruisers until they changed them and my son was leaking and breaking out bad). I love the new cruisers but continue to buy the Baby Dry because they are a bit cheaper.

I did email pampers with my complaint and they send me several coupons for $10 off.



answers from Gainesville on

Cloth! I was surprised when I made the switch how much I love using cloth for my daughter. Better for baby, better for the environment and better for my wallet by far! And I control what is next to her skin-no cheap materials and heavy chemicals! It's definitely not our mother or grandmother's cloth diapers anymore-cute designs, colors, easy to wash, and some go on just like a disposable.

If you are interested in using cloth shoot me a message and I'll be happy to give you some great info since there is lots and lots of cloth info out there and it can be a bit overwhelming.



answers from Chicago on

Oh Yeah! I hear what you are saying. I actually weighed an old diaper and a new diaper. For size 5 there is a 28 gram difference between the old and the new for size 3 there is a 24 gram difference. The new type is that much lighter. Yes, I know I have too much time on my hands but I could not figure out why both my kids were suddenly leaking out of their diapers! My cousin noticed that most of the padding was removed from the top half of the diaper, it is only in the crotch now.


answers from Barnstable on

Cloth rocks! No scary chemicals next to baby and they are great on the pocketbook and earth!

I love Haute Pockets (great overnight)
Air Biscuits Cloth Diapers (great overnight)
BumJoy has some cool ones too!

Do not get velcro as they can scratch and they curl in the dryer. I only have ones with snaps and my 20 months old can't get them off!

I also prefer the pocket style that comes with 2 stuffers and is OS (one sized - meaning each diaper adjusts to fit a baby from 8 to 38 lbs). You get 25 of the OS ones and that is all the diapers you will ever need!



answers from Washington DC on

I was using the cruisers and had the same leaking problem. I switched to the Pampers Baby Dry they are so much better than even the original cruisers. Although we are potty training, I still put the Baby Dry on at night to combat leaks because he is a heavy sleeper. I can say that I absolutely hate Pampers Easy Ups pull ups though. Huggies are much better.



answers from Columbus on

I've always heard Huggies are best for boys. I'm sure if you made a formal complaint with Pampers, they would reimburse's at least worth a shot!



answers from Washington DC on

Oh yeah. We're right there with you! We use Pampers - they are the only ones that come in a size 7 and my son is rather large (as in TALL). At this point we are seriously considering the force the potty training option, something we weren't doing because we know that can have negative repercussions. But at $40 a box for something that doesn't work...yeah.

One place we found the older version of Pampers was Babies 'r' Us near us. They don't turn over stock quickly so they still had some. Might run back there fast and see if they have some more today before we start the naked scream fest.

Good luck!

Good luck!



answers from Savannah on

I always used pampers. sucks to hear they changed the material. :( I have several friends who used store brands though and said they worked just as well. I never tried simply because all the other diapers I tried besides pampers always leaked...but I may have just been unlucky. good luck!!!



answers from Washington DC on

The same thing happened to us. My daughter always had diaper rash problems, and the cruisers really worked for her. Then they changed them and I thought I had just purchased a mis-marked box or something. I bought another, smaller package of cruisers just to see what those were like, and that's when I realized that the old cruisers -- the good cruisers -- were gone. We use pampers baby dry now, and we are happy with them, but I still preferred the old cruisers. Huggies makes an all natural diaper which is very soft and cottony and really nice, but I think those are more expensive.

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