Hydrocortisone Cream and 6 Month Olds Face

Updated on November 26, 2010
S.J. asks from Huntsville, AL
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My ped. put my son on perscription Hydrocortisone cream a few weeks ago for red spots, dry spots on his face.

I have had skin issues all my life and have always been told not to use HC for a long period of time. I try to not use the cream all the time, so I apply when he has the spots and when they go away I stop, BUT they come back a day or two later.

Should I stop using this and find something else, call the doctor? Or just use it??

Any suggestions?

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answers from Detroit on

My daughter had eczema when she was about that age and got horrible red dry spots all over. The pediatrician gave us the prescription strength hydrocortisone cream. I went out and bought the "anti-itch" hydrocortisone cream because it's a much lower percentage. I used the lower %age on her face, and the rx strength everywhere else on her body. I only used it every other day, and it seemed to work well. The doctor said I could use it twice a day on her for 4 days straight, then take a day or two off, then start up again. She never had any side-effects or anything, and it worked well.

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answers from St. Cloud on

I agree with Regina. Try something natural. They do NOT know the long term effects of using those products on babies..........

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answers from Boston on

you need to use it for a few more days after they go away. My youngest has eczema and when he flares up badly we use hydrocortisone and we have to use it about 2 days after he clears or it will return.
I have also found that using vasilene helps keep his face from getting too chapped during the winter and during this time of the year I have to slather him head to toe with eucerin cream and bathe him less often.

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answers from Dallas on

My son had the same thing. We went to the local Health Food store and picked up a product from Burts Bee's called "Baby Bee". We put just a dab of it on the spots daily and they went away.
Just my two cents,

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answers from New Orleans on

My 3 year old has eczema and the first signs were rashes all over the face when he was about two or three months old . Just like your son has. My doctor recommended I use sensitive skin baby washes each night at bath time and to gently wipe his face clean with a clean cotton towel and warm soappy water throught the day with Aveno baby soap. Also, use only 100% cotton blankets shirts and pajamas and bedding. Also I change my detergent to baby sensitive laundry soap and washed all his stuff separately. All soaps have to be natural, scent free.

Now i use hydrocortisone when my sons rashes and spots get bad, usually a day or two, then when his rash clears I use daily baths with Aveno Mosturiaing wash.



answers from Tulsa on

U r right to b concerned about long term use of hydrocortisone as it can thin the skin, but any ped who knows his stuff, should have prescribed the mildest cream possible for your son. Check the percentage level of the hydrocortisone in the cream - if it's less than 1% don't stress! If not, discuss your concerns with your doctor or pharmacist. Here in South Africa, Hydrocortisone is usually diluted with Aquaeous cream. Hope that helps! Good luck and enjoy your little one, this will all be ancient history before you know it!


answers from Chicago on

Slather him in Aquaphor. Only use the HC cream, I think, no more than for stretches of 2 weeks at a time.....that is what my pediatrician said for our daughter's eczema. I also have very dry skin and so does my son-- slathering him after a bath with Aquaphor is all we do. We also avoid overly drying bath products and bathe him only 3-4 times a week and when needed. He is 2.



answers from Chicago on

If your baby has eczema, the HC might help. I put in on all 3 of my kids face for months. So far they turned our fine and no side effect.
But I do also try vanicream (walgreen has it). It's the only thing that works for my youngest son. No vaseline (clog the pores, it is so thick), no eucerin (no effect), no burtbees (develop rash), no organic home made stuff (didn't make any difference),... trust me, I tried so many stuffs !
Finally I got tired of trying stuff and putting stuff on his face. I took him to the alergy specialist and got him tested. He is alergic to egg, banana, onion, garlic, orange... and I passed it to him through breastmilk. When I omit all of those stuff from his (and my) diet, the eczema went away.
Still using vanicream for winter months, all over his body. But he is eczema free now ! yay !
You'll find many different answers and suggestion here. Guarantee you'll get confused. Find one that suits you best :)

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