Safety Products: Britax

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Safety 1St Vs. Britax

Hi there, Does anyone know if the new Safety 1st car seats with the side impact air cushions are as good or better than the different Britax models? Thanks!


Britax Frontier 85

Any moms out there own a Britax Frontier 85? My daughter (who is 5) is soon...


Booster Seat Safety

Hi Everyone, We are in the market for a booster seat for my 5 year old...


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Escapee of Car Seat

Does anyone know of any car seats that have an added security measure at the chest buckle...I am looking for something like a child lock type mechanism. My daughter can take her buckle off and wiggle out and it is driving me crazy...I can't take her anywhere because she says "buckle off" then escapes. I have changed her seat a few times and it takes her a couple off weeks to figure it out...but all it takes is one time then she has it down packed. I have taped the enclosure and that works, but then it takes me forever to get her back in...

Safety & Baby Gates

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Gate Checking a Britax

We are taking a short 45 minute flight with our 14 month old soon and we're not buying him a seat. We will need the car seat on the other end. What's the best way to take it through the airport? Will they gate check it and should I put it in a carseat bag or should I check it in as luggage??

Safety Harness

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Which Britax Carseat?

We need to buy a new carseat for my daughter (soon to be 1 y/o and 20+ lbs.). She is in an infant carseat now but is over the height limits (29"). We are looking at the Britax Marathon but I hate how bulky it looks. I would like to keep her rear-facing as long as possible. I was also considering the Britax Boulevard or Dilpomat. Anyone have experience with those models? Or advice on carseats in general? Thanks!


Opinions on Britax

My husband and I are looking to purchase a convertible car seat for our son,...